Where to Eat Brunch in Stuart FL Right Now

Home to some amazing eateries, there are fantastic locations you should visit for brunch in Stuart, Florida, right now.

Whether you’re planning the perfect Easter brunch or Mother’s Day brunch, or just looking for a spot for a leisurely Sunday brunch, there’s an array of options for all palates and occasions.

This charming oceanside town of Stuart boasts a wide range of restaurants that showcase their expertise in blending local flavors with innovative twists and fusions.

From sunny, waterfront restaurants to quaint, historic downtown bistros, the competition for the best brunch in Stuart FL is hot. Find everything from farm-fresh, health-conscious plates to indulgent, comfort-food classics in Stuart’s brunch scene.

This is a deep dive into the best places to get brunch in Stuart, Florida.

Colab Kitchen

colab kitchen brunch stuart fl

Possibly the fluffiest pancakes in the world. (Source: Colab Kitchen)

The Colab Kitchen is another one of the newer spots to find the top brunch in Stuart and boasts a diverse menu with barbeque and more.

Guests here love the relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere, as well as the quality of the dishes themselves.

They have a constantly changing lineup of innovative starters, and ingredients are locally sourced from farms in the area.

With the gorgeous Treasure Coast weather, many guests choose to take advantage of the outdoor seating area. The outside space is kid-friendly with games and lights, and it’s covered in astroturf that keeps things clean.

Don’t forget to try one of the inventive craft cocktails while you’re here, they’re delicious, and a great way to pass the time if you happen to get here at peak times where you may need to wait a few minutes to be seated.

Berry Fresh

berry fresh brunch in stuart

Brunch items at Berry Fresh in Stuart. (Source: Berry Fresh)

Berry Fresh is perhaps one of the most well-known restaurants for brunch in Stuart and it’s beloved for its warm, welcoming atmosphere, and farm-fresh menu.

This spot comes from an eatery that got its start in Port St. Lucie back in 2009 and has since expanded to be just one of several locations.

The founder has more than 50 years in the restaurant industry, leading to an experience of superb food, served with real smiles, for reasonable prices.

The menu is a colorful mix of American coastal comfort foods, but with a twist, and a noted focus on “real food”.

Berry Fresh dishes are made from scratch and use only the freshest local ingredients.

Depending on how intense Saturday night was, one of the popular Sunday brunch options is The Hangover Dog, an inventive take on a hotdog, served with savory toppings and a cayenne maple hollandaise sauce that adds a sweet and spicy kick.

Whatever your choice, make sure you grab a Sack of Fresh Blueberry Fritters, which are fried to order, tossed in cinnamon & sugar, and served with a crispy exterior and a moist, rich center, to take home.

Osceola Street Cafe

osceola street cafe in stuart fl

The dining room at Osceola Street Cafe in Stuart. (Source: Osceola Street Cafe)

The Osceola Street Cafe offers a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for a brunch outing, and it’s well known around town for having fast, friendly service and a traditionally-inspired menu.

The menu includes options for gluten-free, dairy-free, and other dietary frameworks that make it an instant hit with anyone who struggles with finding places to eat with dietary restrictions.

The Cafe is one of many Downtown Stuart restaurants that offers a bold menu, with offerings like the J D Grilled Chicken Panini Wrap, Corn Beef Hash, and Eggs Benedict, alongside a selection of pastries, quiches, and muffins for all ranges of brunch cravings.

This spot maintains a solid reputation and unique appreciation for its healthy and organic dish options, making it a great spot for those looking for a nutritious meal.

On top of all that, the Osceola Street Cafe offers outdoor seating so that diners will be able to enjoy the vibrant and eclectic history of downtown Stuart


brunch at spritz bistro

Brunch meals at Spritz Bistro. (Source: Spritz City Bistro)

Spritz City Bistro is a celebrated little spot known for having a lively atmosphere and a surprisingly diverse and creative menu, making it one of the best places for brunch in Stuart, Florida.

This charming little bistro in Downtown Stuart has a super-casual setting with a more modern, trendy feel, and they’re known for focusing on quality ingredients and service.

Some of the favorites here include the House Ale Battered Fish & Chips, Homemade Gnocchi & Short Rib, and the inventive Kung-Pao Cauliflower.

The Lump Crab Deviled Egg and the Chicken and Waffles are also incredibly popular.

If you’re looking for a place for Sunday brunch that has a cozy atmosphere with delicious food that isn’t too complicated, Spritz is a solid option.

First Watch

first watch stuart fl

Serving brunch at First Watch in Stuart. (Source: First Watch)

First Watch is another spot that’s made a name for itself not only with its reputation for consistent food quality but also consistent service, making it a notable option for brunch in Stuart.

This place is known for its healthy, high-protein menu items that help fill you up without compromising on taste, while also catering to a wide range of dietary needs like vegetarian, organic, and vegan.

This is a nice, casual spot for anyone looking for a casual but welcoming atmosphere, whether you’re coming with a big group, or small family, or even just by yourself. It’s also a larger chain restaurant, so if you’re travelling to Stuart you may have heard of them or already be familiar with their menu offerings.

Three Little Birds

delicious brunch at three little birds

Sweet brunch of banana pancakes. (Source: Three Little Birds)

Three Little Birds Cafe is a wonderful brunch cafe that’s built up significant praise from patrons.

Three Little Birds boasts a cozy and casual atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for a relaxed Sunday brunch in Stuart.

Locals and visitors alike rave about menu favorites like the Raspberry Ricotta Croissant French Toast, Eggs with Grits Sausage and Toast, and the Big Bird Bowl.

Like many other locations where you can get a great Sunday brunch, Three Little Birds can get incredibly busy on weekends, particularly during holiday weekends like Easter Sunday and Mother’s Day, so if you’re planning an Easter brunch or Mother’s Day brunch outing, be sure you get there early enough to beat the crowd.

Morning Glory

classic brunch at morning glory

Traditional breakfast at Morning Glory in Stuart. (Source: Morning Glory)

For a more low-key location, head to Morning Glory Cafe, one of the most highly-rated places for brunch in Stuart.

Morning Glory is well-known for their warm, homey atmosphere and their delicious, classic, stick-to-your-ribs fare.

Some of the classic favorites here include the Country Fried Steak and Eggs with Home Fries Toast, Corned Beef Hash, and the Country Skillet, with plenty of healthy and organic options available as well.

Morning Glory Cafe is often seen as one of the more conventional places for breakfast in Stuart, and it makes it a point of pride to accommodate varying dietary needs and ensure there’s something available for everyone.

On top of all of that, Morning Glory Cafe is known for being family-friendly and offering plenty of outdoor seating along with accessibility measures to accommodate all guests.

Marias Cafe

marias cafe in stuart

Delectable brunch options at Maria’s Cafe in Stuart (Source: Maria’s Cafe)

Maria’s Cafe is a cozy, inviting spot that has a welcoming, homey atmosphere and is a favorite for local brunch enthusiasts.

Maria’s has a focus on vegetarian-friendly American cuisine, and it’s beloved for its extensive brunch menu.

Some of the popular options for breakfast through lunch include the Hash Omelet with Home Fries, Blueberry Pancakes, Biscuits and Gravy, Chicken Fajita Omelette, and Huevos Rancheros.

Locals love Maria’s and go back time and time again, due in no small part to the role the staff plays in the feeling of comfort and relaxation.

The service at Maria’s is noted for being incredibly friendly, with staff members constantly going well out of their way to ensure each diner enjoys a dining experience like no other.

This spot is located right in the heart of Downtown Stuart, is steeped in local charm, and creates an atmosphere that feels like a vibrant slice of local coastal life.

Like many of the best places for brunch in Stuart, Maria’s gets incredibly busy on the weekends, so if you’re planning a Sunday brunch, make sure you get there early or plan to spend a few minutes waiting for a seat.

Flamingo Diner

flamingo diner brunch stuart fl

Great way to start a Sunday brunch. (Source: Flamingo Diner)

The Flamingo Diner is another cherished local spot that’s known for having a very welcoming atmosphere that feels like a small-town diner of yesteryear.

Flaminer Diner focuses on simple, classic American fare, and has a wide range of options that can fill your appetite from the time you wake up until you’re ready to order dinner. It gives off an animated environment that many coffee shops in Stuart also provide.

Guests will enjoy a massive selection of options for hearty breakfasts and lunches, including selections like the Western Omelet with Hash Brown Potatoes, Uncle Angelo’s Big Breakfast, and the Country Fried Steak.

Two of the local favorites are their famous Blueberry Pancakes, and their signature Biscuits and Gravy, both known for being simple, classic southern dishes that are just done perfectly here.

Wrapping Up

The dining scene is so diverse in Stuart, that finding out exactly where to eat Sunday brunch can sometimes be a bit of a chore itself.

The variety ensures there’s something for every taste, palette, and craving; from the creativity of Osceola Street Cafe to the Euro-flair of Spritz, the number of varied selections reinforces the culinary diversity of the town.

Three Little Birds Cafe and Morning Glory provide cozy atmospheres for a leisurely meal, while Flamingo Diner rounds out the experience with classic American diner and coastal fare.

The world-class brunch spots in Stuart cater to a wide range of preferences and tastes, while also embodying and distilling the warm, inviting spirit of the Treasure Coast.

Whether local or just here for now, these are some of the best places for brunch in Stuart, Florida.

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