8 Waterfront Restaurants in Stuart Florida

Stuart is a small town along the Treasure Coast, and the waterfront restaurants in Stuart, Florida, have become increasingly famous with the town’s idyllic views and coastal breezes.

It’s a place where visitors and locals can experience some of the most delectable cuisine in Martin County while taking in some of the most beautiful waterfront scenery.

While the usual move is to just Google some restaurant options, nothing beats a list of some of the most highly-touted waterfront restaurants in Stuart FL assembled from recommendations of locals and frequent visitors, and that’s just what we’ve done for you here.

We’ve got the most popular Stuart restaurants on the waterfront, and we’re going to fill you in not only on what makes them beloved local venues but also on what kind of general fare and specific menu items diners can expect to find there.

Here are 8 extremely popular Stuart restaurants on the waterfront.

Sailor’s Return

Location: 625 SW Anchorage Way

Sailors Return Stuart

Sailor’s Return is a well-known waterfront dining spot, and it stands out as a blend of casual dining elegance and bold culinary brilliance.

Positioned right on the water, this restaurant provides an amazing view of the surrounding area and waterfront, making it one of the local favorites for family gatherings as well as quiet romantic dinners.

If you’re arriving by boat, Sailor’s Return offers close to 1,000 feet of courtesy docking space directly in front of the restaurant, making it incredibly convenient for those touring the coast.

Diners will enjoy views of passing sailboats and even yachts passing through the unobstructed harbor vista.

When it comes to food, there is a wide and diverse range of menu offerings, and while Sailor’s Return specializes in American cuisine, there are many options that appeal to more varied palates.

As with many of the waterfront restaurants in Stuart, there is a significant focus on seafood, featuring popular events like Wednesday Lobster Night, where seafood lovers can get twin 6oz cold water lobster tails.

Other events include live music nights, where the atmosphere becomes more vibrant while still retaining the essential factor of relaxation that the spot is known for.


Location: 4903 SE Dixie Hwy

Shrimpers in Stuart is a celebrated waterfront eatery well-known for its fresh seafood and stunning views.

You would expect a place called Shrimpers to have a specialty in shrimp, and they do indeed have signature shrimp dishes, along with other timeless coastal favorites.

With its prime positioning on the beautiful waters, it creates the perfect Florida coastal dining experience, where the menu features a blend of surf and turf, a Sunset Menu, and you can indulge while soaking in the breathtaking view.

The relaxed atmosphere and scenic dining location make Shrimpers the ideal spot for any occasion from the most special or intimate to the most casual and laid-back.

TideHouse Waterfront Restaurant

Location: 915 NW Flagler Ave

The TideHouse Waterfront Restaurant is another awesome addition to the Stuart waterfront dining scene and offers a unique experience blending exceptional cuisine with beautiful waterfront views.

The TideHouse is located on the second floor, giving it a perfect vantage point overlooking the Harborage Marine and Yacht Club, as well as a panoramic view of the St. Lucie River.

Upon entering the TideHouse diners are treated to a seamless blend of casual dining elegance and coastal Florida charm.

There is an outdoor deck as well as an open-air porch, both adorned by umbrellas so that guests can bask in the relaxed atmosphere while feeling the constant breeze and taking in the beautiful vistas.

Some of the menu items include starters such as the Bahamian Conch Fritters, a Caribbean-inspired delight, or the Coconut Shrimp, served with a sweet and spicy mango habanero sauce.

Diners can also enjoy signature sandwiches and burgers, including the TideHouse Burger, and the perfectly grilled Mahi Mahi sandwich.

Additionally, TideHouse offers a variety of shared plates, which are perfect for a family or social dining experience.

Loft at Pirate’s Cove Resort

Location: 4307 SE Bayview St

The Loft at Pirate’s Cove Resort is a delightful setting that offers a relaxed place for a bite, surrounded by nautical-themed decor and endless waterfront views.

The Loft is known for being a more lively restaurant, has live music and events all the time that add to the dining experience, and is known locally as an ideal place to enjoy casual meals with friends and family while soaking in the beautiful scenery.

The menu has a distinct focus on seafood while still catering to all tastes, and notable entrees include the Mahi Rockefeller, Chicken Marsala, Baked Seafood Platter, and Pirate’s Sirloin.

Seaside Cafe

Location: 891 NE Ocean Blvd

The Seaside Cafe in Stuart is a cozy waterfront retreat that provides a super-relaxed seaside dining experience with an unforgettable view.

The Seaside is known for its fresh seafood and classic coastal American cuisine, making it the perfect location for holding a celebratory meal, or a simple casual breakfast.

The delicious menu items combined with the ambiance and feeling of always being welcome are what make the Seaside Cafe a favorite among local residents who are often seen filling the seats.


Location: 131 SW Flagler Ave

Waterfront is a beloved local hotspot that is the essence of chic waterfront dining in Stuart.

They are known for expertly crafting a dining experience that is not only sophisticated but accessible, making it a perfect choice for occasions ranging from casual outings to celebratory meals.

Waterfront – Sailfish Lounge & Grill is positioned with a stunning view of the water, creating a setting that is, quite frankly, nothing short of breathtaking.

The menu offerings at Waterfront match the sophistication of the venue, with expertly crafted dishes and drinks that show off a wide range of local ingredients.

Diners can start their culinary journey with starters like the Shishito Peppers, fire-roasted and blistered peppers that are sprinkled with salt and a dreamy lavender dijon sauce, or their amazing Moroccan Cigars, fried egg rolls stuffed with braised beef, smoked gouda, and BBQ sauce.

Entrees range from relatively standard coastal fare like Diver Scallops and Crab Cakes to more adventurous offerings like the Miso Prosciutto Salmon, which features pan-seared & miso glazed, prosciutto-wrapped salmon, sea green beans, herb parmesan risotto, soy ginger, and mango sauce.

Lighter choices include items from the raw bar, such as Oysters, Jumbo Shrimp, and their famous Crab Avocado Mango Stack, composed of jumbo lump crab meat tossed in remoulade layered with avocado and mango salsa.

Signature cocktails like the Peartini and Blackberry Bliss are popular choices among guests, providing a refreshing beverage crafted to complement the delicious fare.

Hudson’s on the River

Location: 351 SW Flagler Ave

Another popular spot in Stuart that’s known for its lively atmosphere is Hudson’s on the River, which focuses on American cuisine as well as a wide variety of tapas, which makes it a prime spot for both casual dining as well as celebrating special occasions.

The fast service and friendly ambiance of Hudson on the River make it a definitive favorite among locals, who consistently recommend it to visitors, and the extensive menu features American comfort food, healthy options, and small plates. The waterfront restaurant in Stuart sits where the old Pelican Cafe once was, near Flagler Park in the downtown area.

Most well-known for their tapas, these smaller dishes are perfect for sharing and sampling a variety of flavors. They usually feature a mix of local and international tastes, including items like bruschetta, sliders, and seafood appetizers.

Stuart Boathouse

Location: 49 SW Seminole St

Boathouse Stuart

The Stuart Boathouse is a staple of the Stuart waterfront dining scene, and offers a signature blend of upscale dining at an approachable price point, making it accessible to those looking for the experience who may not have the budget, or who find upscale dining somewhat intimidating.

Stuart Boathouse creates an atmosphere that blends sophisticated dining with unbeatable comfort, which means it’s a superbly welcoming option for all types of diners.

The decor is thoughtful, while still exhibiting a fairly nautical theme, and the service is well-known for being top-notch in professionalism and knowledge of the menu and ingredients.

Menu items include legendary starters like the tantalizing Ahi Tuna Nachos, a fusion of flavors with sushi-grade tuna, and the comforting Coconut Shrimp, served with a sweet chili sauce.

Diners looking for a coastal meal can expect stellar offerings like the Mahi Mahi, grilled to perfection, or the Shrimp and Grits, a Southern classic with a twist, while turf-based all-stars include the succulent Boathouse Burger, and the Chicken Caprese, which is a blend of chicken and fresh mozzarella drizzled with a balsamic glaze.

Wrapping Up

That wraps up our look at 8 of the best waterfront restaurants in Stuart, FL.

No matter what dishes you might be in the mood for, and or what kind of dining experience you’re looking for, there’s bound to be something in our list to tickle your tastebuds.

Once you decide where you want to go, be sure you call ahead to see if you’ll need to make reservations, since many of the waterfront restaurants in Stuart can get incredibly busy during certain times of the year.




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