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The development of Tradition in Port St. Lucie, Florida, is a model of modern community planning, creating an ideal standard of Treasure Coast living.

This dynamic locale is the perfect combination of modern-day amenities and efficiencies, with quaint, old-world neighborhood charm. 

The thoughtfully-designed public spaces showcase a diverse array of residences, parks, retail boutiques, hospitality venues, fantastic restaurants, and a bustling town center. Tradition is also home to Keiser University and Cleveland Clinic Hospital.

With such a range of attractions and conveniences, is no surprise why Tradition Port St. Lucie has become one of the leading vacation and lifestyle destinations along the Treasure Coast. 

At the core of Tradition is the quaint yet lively Tradition Village Center, where the community has created a hub of commercial and social activity. Nearby, residents and tourists can find hotels, eateries, grocery stores and entertainment venues that create a central gathering place for the entire community.

With such an eye toward outdoor enjoyment, it should be obvious that Tradition would also invite its residents and guests to enjoy the local Floridian beauty with attractions like parks, trails, and more.

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