Top-Rated Restaurants in Tradition Port St. Lucie

Known as an up-and-coming metro area, Tradition in Port St. Lucie is a culinary hotspot where each restaurant tells a story of passion, diversity, and coastal spirit.

From the warm, comforting homemade Italian vibes to lively and exciting flavors, every spot we’re going to look at has a unique taste of local and global cuisine right in the heart of Florida’s Treasure Coast.

Whether you’re into authentic cultural options or fresh, artisanal creations, we’re giving you a rundown of the top-rated restaurants in Tradition Port St. Lucie.

Join us as we dig into the best restaurants and eateries the area has to offer.

Sake Too Japanese

sake too japanese restaurant in tradition port st lucie

Sake Too in Tradition (Source: Sake Too)

Sake Too Japanese & Thai is one of the top-rated restaurants in Tradition, Port St. Lucie for good reason.

The atmosphere is perfect for visitors who have a penchant for sushi, or those who are craving the flavors of Asian cuisine while in town, and they are known for creating a welcoming environment that is geared toward casual dining and relaxing group dining.

Some of the popular dishes here that diners can enjoy include sushi classics the Spicy Tuna Roll and California Roll, as well as Asian staples like Beef Fried Rice, Miso Soup, Pad Thai, and even Bento boxes

Everything here is prepared expertly, and from the freshest and highest-quality local ingredients, before being brought to your table by the super-friendly staff.

Locals love the variety here, as well as the ambiance that, when coupled with the substantial portions for entrees, makes for an incredibly comforting yet indulgent dining experience.

Hurricane Grill & Wings

hurricanes grill tradition port st lucie

Hurricanes Bar in Tradition (Source: Hurricanes Grill & Bar)

Hurricane Grill & Wings is one of the newer top restaurants in Tradition, Port St. Lucie for getting a wide range of American fare classics while keeping a special focus on their unbeatable chicken wings.

This is a nice, casual setting that also features outdoor seating options, making it perfect for solo dining, dinner with family or friends, or a group outing, where you want a relaxed meal and a simple setting.

While there are ancillary items on the menu, the centerpiece here is the hot boneless wings and the Gold Rush sauce, crafting a bold flavor experience for diners.

Anyone looking for a blend of good food, lively entertainment, and fast, attentive service should check out Hurricane Grill & Wings.

Meating Street

meating street tradition restaurant

View of Meating Street in Tradition (Source: Meating Street)

Meating Street offers a unique, cozy, Manhattan-style ambiance, and serves some of the most exceptional USDA Prime steaks and a variety of seafood options that Tradition, Port St. Lucie has to offer, but without the top-end price tag.

This is one of the best restaurants in Tradition, Port St. Lucie for anyone seeking a top-quality USDA cut of beef without spending a crazy amount of money, with most options available for less than $40.

Meating Street boasts an in-house butcher, ensuring that all cuts are supreme and that nothing goes to waste, even using prime cuts for their ground beef, leading to some of the most premium burgers on the Treasure Coast.

The menu goes beyond traditional steakhouse offerings, including a variety of seafood like Faroe Islands salmon, diver scallops, and sushi-grade tuna.

With a carefully curated wine list arranged by a food pairing, Meating Street offers a sophisticated yet accessible dining experience for anyone in Tradition, Port St. Lucie.


3 natives in tradition port st lucie

Delicious and nutritious lunch at 3Natives in Tradition (Source: 3Natives)

3Natives is the place for anyone in Tradition who is looking for a vibrant, health-centric dining experience, and is well-known for serving up nutritious and delicious selections.

This spot is known for its friendly atmosphere and super-fast service, and they specialize in acai bowls, smoothies, and a wide range of wraps made with fresh, local ingredients.

3 Natives in Tradition has a steadfast commitment to providing wholesome and nutritious meals and stands out from many other similar health-food spots due to their balanced taste and health benefits, one of the many reasons it’s become a favorite spot of vegetarian and health-conscious locals.

This is one of the best restaurants in Tradition, Port St. Lucie for getting casual meals and quick, healthy bites, and the welcoming staff and convenient location enhance the overall dining experience further.

Spiro’s Taverna of Tradition

food items from spiro's taverna

Some popular menu items at Spiro’s (Source: Spiro’s Taverna Port St. Lucie)

Spiro’s Taverna of Tradition perfectly embodies the essence of Greek hospitality and mixes exceptional Greek cuisine with classic American fare options with a Greek twist.

Spiro’s creates an atmosphere that’s just as warm and inviting as the Greek coast and celebrates the flavors of the Mediterranean with menu options ranging from succulent gyros to fresh salads, all made with authentic and often imported ingredients. With additional locations along the Treasure Coast, the brand has become a local favorite.

The effort and dedication to creating an unforgettable Greek dining experience are evident in the carefully prepared dishes, service that feels like family, and a cozy dining environment.

Pastaio Handmade Pasta & Pizza

pastaio pizza tradition port st lucie

Gathering at Pastaio in Tradition (Source: Pastaio Facebook)

Pastaio Handmade Pasta & Pizza in Tradition is a go-to spot for Italian cuisine lovers, offering a cozy ambiance perfect for enjoying authentic dishes.

This is the ideal place to go when you’re craving Port St. Lucie restaurants with a touch of homestyle Italian food with all the bold flavors you’ve come to love.

A big draw to Pastaio in Tradition is the warm, welcoming setting that makes it feel like you’re not at a restaurant, you’re at home eating dinner with a loving family, which is also the perfect environment in which to enjoy some of their signature dishes.

Some of the favorites here include the Fusilli with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage, Pappardelle with Pesto, and their classic Spaghetti Carbonara, alongside appetizing starters like the Meatballs.

For traditional Italian flavors in Tradition, Port St. Lucie, Pastaio is a can’t-miss.

Luso Portuguese Grille

luso grill port st lucie

Dining at Luso in Port St. Lucie (Source: Luso Portuguese Grille)

Luso Portuguese Grille in Tradition transports visitors to the heart of Portugal for an authentic dining experience that revolves around a substantial array of traditional dishes.

This location is well-known and loved for its exceptional seafood and meat dishes, the combination of which creates a menu that can cater to a considerable range of tastes, palates, and cravings.

The ambiance of Luso Portuguese Grille can most accurately be described as casual and inviting, making the spot ideal for anyone looking to enjoy traditional Portuguese creations in a relaxed setting.

Additionally, the outdoor seating area adds to the allure of Luso, with the option for al fresco dining always bringing a welcome variety to coastal dinners in Tradition Port St. Lucie.

The menu selections at Luso include local favorites like savory flan, grilled octopus, and the richly flavored Portuguese steak, while dessert options like arroz con leche and passionfruit creations put a sweet finish on any meal.

Nana Morrison’s Soul Food

nana morrisons restaurant port st lucie tradition

Comfort food at Nana Morrison’s Restaurant in Tradition Port St. Lucie (Source: Nana Morrison’s)

Nana Morrison’s Soul Food delivers a genuine soul food experience that is both simple and impeccably executed, and they’re known for crafting a warm and welcoming ambiance.

If you’re in the mood for some of the most flavorful, homestyle soul food classics, this is the place to be. With two other locations in North Carolina, the restaurant opened in Tradition in 2023 and has gained a solid reputation since its inception.

Aside from the simple yet excellent soul food entries, there are more contemporary selections that locals and visitors alike love, such as the cucumber & tomato salad, with the perfect blend of vinegar and sweetness, and the fresh-baked muffins.

Anyone looking for quality, heartwarming dishes, and a welcoming atmosphere will find themselves right at home at Nana Morrison’s.

Clean Eatz

clean eatz port st lucie

Meal Planning Options from Clean Eatz (Source: Clean Eatz Facebook)

Clean Eatz is one of the prime restaurants in Tradition, Port St. Lucie for individuals looking for flavorful but healthy dining options, and they emphasize affordability and nutrition, with a large portion of their dishes being meal prep servings of 500 calories or less.

While the name may have many people thinking of salads, fruit bowls, and the like, Clean Eatz has a massive range of nutritious choices, including burgers, wraps, flatbreads, and custom bowls that cater to nearly every dietary preference.

Not only do they offer conventional dining, but they also offer something from many other top restaurants in Tradition, Port St. Lucie do not, and that’s help with meal planning.

Their weekly meal plan service is notable, providing customers with convenient, calorie-conscious meals designed for easy home preparation, while their Grab ‘N’ Go meals, protein smoothies, and healthy snacks offer a great solution for the health-conscious community.

La Granja

La Granja is one of the larger chain restaurants in Tradition, Port St. Lucie, and it is celebrated by locals and visitors alike for its laid-back atmosphere and tasty options.

The no-frills decor lets the service and food speak for itself, taking center stage in what will surely prove to be a memorable performance for diners.

Helping put the food center stage, literally and figuratively, is the open kitchen in La Granja at Tradition that fills the whole space with enticing aromas of expertly prepared authentic Peruvian cuisine.

The welcoming environment and comfortable dining ensure your experience will be memorable, and reminiscent of having dinner in a traditional Peruvian home.

The rich culinary offerings here reflect the heritage of Peru, and their signature dish is a succulent rotisserie chicken, which is marinated and cooked to perfection.

Other favorites from the menu include a selection of fresh dishes, from ceviches to savory seafood platters, while those looking for something more hearty will find the steak, pork, and fajitas are sure to satisfy, accompanied by delicious side orders like fried plantains, yuca, and tostones.

The Great Greek

Seating at the Great Greek restaurant in Tradition Port St. Lucie

Seating at the Great Greek in Tradition (Source: Great Greek)

The Great Greek offers visitors a slice of the Mediterranean with its inviting and casual dining atmosphere and is a place where friends, families, and solo diners can all feel welcome, and enjoy authentic Greek cuisine in a relaxed environment.

The simple but warm decor perfectly complements the vibrant flavors of the dishes served, creating a dining experience that’s both comforting and enjoyable.

This is the perfect place for anyone who wants to savor a meal with zero rush, just like the leisurely dining style found in the Mediterranean.

As you might expect, the menu at The Great Greek is a full-on celebration of traditional Greek and Mediterranean flavors and offers a range of dishes that cater to a wide range of tastes.

Commonly raved-about selections include the Greek Salad, known for its freshness and authentic taste, and the Feta Fries, which add a delicious twist to a classic side.

The Gyro Plate and Dolmades are other favorites that just need to be sampled to deliver the quintessential Greek dining experience.

No matter what you pick, it’s all prepared with care and flair, ensuring that all patrons get a dish that is both loaded with bold Mediterranean flavors as well as deeply satisfying.

Taco Dive

meal from taco dive restaurant tradition port st lucie

Point of view at the bar in Taco Dive (Source: Taco Dive)

Taco Dive in Tradition is a spot that’s beloved locally for its vibrant and delicious Mexican cuisine as well as its laid-back atmosphere and wildly diverse menu.

One of the biggest draws is Taco Dive’s dedication to flavor and quality, using only the freshest ingredients, many of which are sourced locally.

Another big reason is the portion sizes; if you’re looking for a place that makes sure you get plenty and leave full, this is the place for you.

Taco Dive is also well-known for the unique menu items they offer, with notable options that include steak tacos, burritos, queso, chicken tacos, and fish tacos being the staples that locals have come to love, while options like their Irish and cajun shrimp tacos are particularly noted for their unique twist on traditional flavors.

Whether you’re looking for a modest snack or a hefty meal, Taco Dive is going to be a solid choice, and the ratings reinforce the fact that they are one of the top restaurants in Tradition, Port St. Lucie.

Blaze Pizza

blaze pizza tradition port st lucie

Dinner at Blaze Pizza in Tradition Port St. Lucie (Source: Blaze Pizza)

Blaze Pizza is a quick-service pizza restaurant in Tradition that changes things up a bit with its fresh take on the traditional pizza experience featuring its artisanal pizzas and a variety of sides.

It’s a clean, casual place with friendly staff and fresh ingredients, and its commitment to putting out high-quality, freshly prepared pizzas has made it one of the casual go-to spots in Tradition Port St. Lucie.

This spot is well-known for its highly customizable pizzas, allowing visitors to enjoy creating their pizza with a wide selection of toppings, sauces, and crusts, including options for those with dietary preferences like gluten-free bases and vegan cheese.

Final Thoughts

Exploring the top-rated, best restaurants in Tradition Port St. Lucie is a culinary journey that is as delicious as it is diverse, and from authentic, exotic flavors to fresh and handmade pizzas, each of these locations brings something unique to the table.

Not only do each of these restaurants offer something unique, but they all focus on local ingredients and expert preparation to ensure every visitor has an unforgettable experience that reflects the specialty of the location.

It’s clear that Tradition in Port St. Lucie isn’t just a nice place to live or a quiet, beautiful place to visit, it’s home to a culinary scene that is a destination itself for food lovers looking to explore the flavors of the Treasure Coast.

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