The Story of Gloria Estefan’s Hotel in Vero Beach, Florida

The story of Gloria Estefan’s hotel in Vero Beach started when she and her husband Emilio wanted to share the amazing city with the world. The couple fell in love with Vero Beach and knew it would be a perfect place for a boutique hotel. The Costa d’Este Beach Resort is now a prominent fixture in the Vero Beach community and a wonderful place to vacation and dine. Below is more of the story of Gloria Estefan’s hotel in Vero Beach.

Costa d'Este Beach Resort Vero Beach

Estefan’s Escape from Miami

The Estefans consider Vero Beach as their escape from Miami. In an interview with the Indian River County Tourism Division, Gloria Estefan explained that she asked an assistant to help her find a getaway spot away from the hustle and bustle of Miami. She had never been to Indian River County but immediately fell in love with the area.

The eclectic boutiques, vibrant arts community, and small-town charm won the couple over. Gloria Estefan said that Vero Beach reminded her of Miami’s pace when she was a child; it was calm and beautiful, and every amenity was readily available.

gloria and emilio estefan

Gloria and Emilio Estefan.

Gloria refers to Vero Beach as “her favorite place on earth.” And it’s no wonder why. The city is home to a growing population who view the town as America’s hidden treasure, with beautiful beaches, spectacular climate, amazing restaurants, and a fantastic community. The Estefans have lived in Vero Beach since 2001 and have watched the city grow over the years. Gloria Estefan wanted others to experience and appreciate the beauty of Vero Beach, and the plans for Costa d’Este Beach Resort were born.

Costa d’Este Beach Resort: Vero Beach’s Four Diamond Hotel

Costa d’Este Beach Resort is a Four-Diamond AAA resort, and only three Vero Beach hotels hold that distinction. Four-diamond hotels have to meet incredibly high standards, and only very refined and upscale hotels can qualify. The Gloria Estefan hotel fits that bill.

Costa d’Este Beach Resort was a $50 million project that opened in 2008 in Vero Beach. The magnificent hotel has a fantastic infinity-edge pool, cabana, bar, fitness center, full-service spa, and several elegant meeting rooms and facilities for special events such as weddings.

There are 90 guest rooms and four one-bedroom suites. The luxurious property has a timeless, chic, and sophisticated ambiance. The hotel is a popular choice for a romantic getaway in Vero Beach and also has an on-site beach service that offers snorkeling, kayaking, and paddle board rentals.

Many wonder, “What is the name of Gloria Estefan hotel?” The name is Costa d’Este, which means ‘East Coast’ in Spanish. The hotel has Spanish flair with its Cuban-inspired designs and restaurant. Gloria Estefan decided how the hotel would be designed and decorated because she wanted the beautiful resort to reflect her style and personality. Gloria Estefan’s personal taste directly influenced many details of the hotel. The penthouse suites feature personal decorative items hand-picked by Gloria, and The Wave Kitchen serves Cuban specialties developed by Gloria and Emilio from the Estefan’s Kitchen Cookbook.

Why Did Gloria Estefan Open Costa d’Este Beach Resort?

In an interview with Condé Nast Traveler, Gloria stated that when she and Emilio began to make serious money, the first thing they wanted to do was diversify. Gloria knew she wanted to invest in real estate, and their first investment was a small apartment building. Their second investment was the Shore Park Hotel. After purchasing the Shore Park, the couple decided to continue investing in hotels.

pool at costa deste vero beach

Sunrise at the Costa d’Este pool. (Source: Costa d’Este)

When the Estefans purchase and renovate hotels, they focus on creating fresh, sleek, and clean luxury. They create properties that they would want to stay in themselves. The Estefans incorporate their experience as world travelers into their Gloria Estefan hotel. Vero Beach’s Costa d’Este Beach is inspired by the Estefan’s travels and style.

What Hotel does Gloria Estefan Own?

Costa d’Este Beach Resort isn’t the first hotel the Estefans have renovated over the years. Emilio and Gloria are well-known hoteliers in Florida. In 2019, Gloria Estefan made news for her $15 million renovation of Miami’s Cardozo South Beach Hotel. Cardozo South Beach is a unique 1939 art deco icon on the famous Ocean Drive. The hotel has 41 rooms and is just as chic and sophisticated as their other properties.

For Gloria Estefan, Costa d’Este was both a business and personal decision. She told the media, “We developed this stunning resort because it made good business sense.“ Although the hotel was a financial decision, Gloria didn’t open Costa d’Este only for money. It was also a labor of love.

gloria estefan's hotel in miami

Gloria Estefan’s Cardozo hotel in Miami.

The Estefans love Vero Beach, and the city has a piece of their heart. The story of Gloria Estefan’s Hotel in Vero Beach is about the couple sharing their love of Vero Beach with people from around the world. Vero Beach’s location is ideal for transforming the town into a world-class destination. Costa d’Este gives vacationers proximity to Palm Beach, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, yet guests are still off the beaten path in a beautiful, growing tourism community.

Costa d’Este Beach Resort’s Obstacles

Costa d’Este had a rocky start and took many years to complete. The hotel was initially a Howard Johnson fixer-upper that the Estefans purchased in 2004. When the Estefans bought the property, it was 32 years old and needed TLC. Gloria and Emilio had plans to renovate the hotel and create a beautiful property. However, shortly after beginning renovations, Hurricane Frances and Hurricane Jeane hit Vero Beach during the 2004 hurricane season.

The hotel building was damaged and unable to operate and continue repairs. When the Estefans requested insurance money for the hurricane damage, Landmark American Insurance Company refused to cover the cost. The insurance company argued that the hotel was in poor shape prior to the hurricane and that the cost of repairs was due to renovations, not storm damage. An Indian River County Jury decided to grant the Estefans the insurance money, and in 2012, they won $6 million from the insurance company after years of legal battles.

gloria estefan hotel rooms

Modern rooms at Gloria Estefan’s hotel in Vero Beach. (Source: Costa d’Este)

The insurance company continued the legal battle by taking them to court again. In 2015, the Estefans lost in court, and the judge reversed part of the multimillion insurance award. Despite the lengthy legal battles with the insurance company, the Estefans were intent on ensuring their dream of a hotel in Vero Beach came to life. They pushed forward with renovations, and the chic modernist Costa de Este Beach Resort opened in September 2008.

Locals Welcoming the Costa d’Este Beach Resort

Gloria and Emilio Estefan opened the hotel with the help of Benchmark Hospitality International. The hotel was highly anticipated and supported by the Vero Beach government and locals. City officials were enthusiastic about the hotel’s arrival in Vero Beach, Florida. Tom White, the former mayor of Vero Beach, presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The ceremony included local commissioners, Indian River County government officials, Vero Beach city council members, and other prominent community members. About 300 people attended the opening ceremony for Costa d’Este Beach Resort. After the ceremony, guests were invited to a poolside reception at the resort.

After the hotel officially opened, it was immediately fully booked for the weekend. When Costa d’Este initially opened in 2008, rooms were $189, and the fall rates started at $249 per night. Room costs in 2024 are a bit pricier, with fall rates starting at $262 per night.

The Wave Kitchen and Bar

The Gloria Estefan restaurant in Vero Beach is called the Wave Kitchen and Bar. The Wave Kitchen and Bar is the centerpiece of the hotel. It’s a fantastic restaurant that receives high ratings for its food quality, ambiance, and service. The restaurant serves high-quality, locally-grown organic produce. The Wave Kitchen and Bar is right on the oceanfront and is the perfect place to visit for a fantastic meal or a special occasion. The restaurant has become a popular destination for Cuban food in Vero Beach, Florida.

wave kitchen bar vero beach fl

The Wave Kitchen and Bar isn’t the only restaurant in Gloria and Emilio‘s business portfolio. The couple also owns Estefan Kitchen in Orlando, Lario’s on the Beach in Miami on Ocean Drive, and Call Me Cuban in the Cardozo South Beach Hotel. The Estefans ensure that each restaurant serves delicious food based on amazing recipes.

What Guests Say about Costa d’Este Beach Resort

The Gloria Estefan hotel in Vero Beach receives high ratings from guests who love the property. Guests love that the rooms are nice, clean, modern, and luxurious. Staff at the resort provide fantastic customer service and go above and beyond to ensure that guests feel comfortable and enjoy their stay. Costa d’Este Beach Resort has become a top-rated hotel on the Treasure Coast. The Costa d’Este is a fantastic hotel. Vero Beach’s Gloria Estefan hotel is well-received among locals and tourists.

The hotel is perfect for visitors looking for a modern, unique, and luxurious hotel experience. Guests also love the hotel’s location near various entertainment, restaurants, and shopping options. The Estefans have done a wonderful job managing the property and bringing new visitors to beautiful Vero Beach, Florida.

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