Top-Rated Coffee Shops in Port St. Lucie, Florida

These top-rated coffee shops in Port St. Lucie, Florida, offer the perfect cup of coffee to start the day. A good cup of coffee is a small luxury for many people. Sometimes, people want to venture away from Starbucks and find something exciting, local to Port St. Lucie, and unique. Fortunately, there are excellent Port St. Lucie coffee shops that can provide a fantastic cafe experience. Below are some top-rated coffee shops in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Steamworks Coffeebar and Eatery

steamworks port st lucie coffee shop

Steamworks Coffeebar and Eatery has some of the highest-quality coffee in Port St. Lucie. The coffee is organic, fair trade, and roasted in small batches using fresh beans to ensure a full flavor. The coffee shop has unique steampunk vibes and friendly service.

The Steamworks coffee drink menu has interesting names like The Inventor, Ebenezer Steamer, and Nutty Monkey. The shop also offers excellent elixirs, such as the Pink Punk Power drink, which is filled with elderberry, ginger, lavender, cinnamon, honey, raspberry, and lime. The coffee is fresh, and the food is delicious. Steamworks is a great Port St. Lucie brunch spot, wich regulars vouching for the Nikola Tesla chicken sandwich, and the Bombardier Bowl also receives high customer ratings.

Coffee drinkers looking for an interesting atmosphere that is different from the standard coffee shop should consider Steamworks Coffeebar and Eatery. Many locals consider it their favorite spot on the Treasure Coast. It’s a cool place to have coffee in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Steamworks Coffeebar and Eatery is located at 8705 S U.S. Hwy 1, Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Costa Coffee and Bakery

costa coffee port st lucie

Costa Coffee and Bakery is a fantastic bakery with some of Port St. Lucie’s best coffee. The bakery is independently owned and a perfect spot for someone who wants to avoid chains. The prices are also excellent and significantly lower than those of Starbucks or similar coffee chains. Visitors should try the café con leche.

Costa Coffee and Bakery also has high ratings for its customer service. Regulars are treated like family, and the staff and owner offer excellent customer service. Some people like a sweet treat with their coffee, and Costa Coffee and Bakery has a menu of amazing desserts. They also have amazing pastries. Regulars love the Yucca Torte slice for something creamy and sweet with their coffee. The coffee shop and bakery is located at 2756 Brigantine Pl. Port St. Lucie, Florida. Costa Coffee and Bakery is great for good coffee and phenomenal hospitality.

Coffee Grind

Coffee Grind PSL

Coffee Grind is one of the best places in Port St. Lucie to grab a fresh cup of coffee. The coffee drink menu is extensive, with an incredible amount of flavors. Visitors can try a typical white chocolate or French vanilla or choose a more interesting coffee flavor like salted caramel peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie dough, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

Regulars recommend the tiramisu latte and the coconut bliss latte, although they have a variety of amazingly unique drinks to choose from. Coffee Grind is also one of the best places in Port St. Lucie to get a London fog or turmeric latte.

Coffee Grind is also ideal for healthy coffee drinkers who want sugar-free options. They have a great variety of sugar-free syrups so that drinkers can enjoy the flavor without the added calories. Coffee Grind is a great place to explore unique flavors of coffee. The shop uses organic, certified, kosher coffee beans from Counter Culture Coffee, which are flavorful and high-quality. Coffee Grind is located at The Landing at Tradition.

Cool Beanz

cool beanz

CoolBeanz is a beloved bakery, coffee, and ice cream shop in Tradition Port St. Lucie at Innovation Plaza. CoolBeanz offers freshly brewed coffee, iced coffee, and an irresistible selection of pastries. They also cater to diverse tastes with gluten-free baked goods, probiotic yogurt, and non-dairy frozen desserts.

Bring your furry friends to enjoy ‘Coolpupz’, a line of treats specially crafted for four-legged loved ones. CoolBeanz on Wheelz is their mobile ice cream truck which is available for weddings, parties, and other events.

With over 50 premium ice cream flavors and a variety of treats, CoolBeanz has a serious dessert menu to fit nearly anyone. CoolBeanz is located at 11200 SW Village Parkway Suite 103, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987.

Cafe in Havana

cafe havana port st lucie fl

Lovers of Cuban coffee will enjoy Cafe in Havana at 5457 NW Saint James Dr. in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The coffee shop is a unique spot that offers fantastic coffee and authentic Cuban food. The shop is very clean and bright, and the environment is friendly and welcoming.

The most popular coffee in the shop is the café Havana, which has perfect sweetness without being overpowering. The Cafe Bombon and Affogato coffee is also worth a try. Other recommended coffee drinks include the Cafecito and the café con leche. Cafe in Havana has excellent reviews from people who have made it one of their favorite coffee shops in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

That Crepe Place

teas at that crepe place

That Crepe Place is an awesome spot to enjoy a hot or cold drink in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Regulars love the iced caramel macchiato. Coffee drinkers can also enjoy a mocha latte, cafe con leche, or happy tea with their crepes. That Crepe Place offers all the typical coffee drinks, but is probably even more popular for its great selection of other teas and other drinks. The passion fruit and Horchata drinks are popular picks.

That Crepe Place offers sweet and savory crepes made from scratch. Recommended crepes include the blueberry bliss, cheesecake crepe, and garlic chicken crepe. The crepes are light, airy, and delicious. The restaurant also has great pastries. That Crepe Place sources its gourmet donuts, bagels, cakes, and macarons from local bakers. Although the restaurant specializes in crepes, it’s also an excellent place to get coffee in Port St. Lucie. That Crepe Place is a hidden gem, perfect for diners who want to try something new.

Frittata Cafe and Bistro European Market

best port st lucie brunch

Frittata Cafe and Bistro European Market is a go-to place for fantastic food, gelato, and great coffee in Port St. Lucie. It’s one of the only places in Port St. Lucie with the Cortado coffee drink on the menu, the perfect Spanish coffee with the perfect amount of espresso and steamed milk. The cafe also serves an excellent doppio espresso for coffee lovers who need a double shot. Frittata Café is a great place to get flavorful coffee.

Frittata Cafe and Bistro European Market also offers a wide variety of amazing fresh-squeezed juices. Regulars enjoy the ginger and apple juice, and customers also give high ratings to the apple, cucumber, and celery juice. Although the cafe has many interesting menu options, it also has some of the best coffee in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Frittata Café and Bistro European Market is located at 4019 SW Port St. Lucie Blvd, Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Aji Dulce Cafe Gourmet

Aji Dulce Cafe Gourmet is a brand new spot in Port St. Lucie that recently made its debut on the Treasure Coast. The cafe’s owners wanted to add more variety to the Port St. Lucie coffee scene and bring Columbian coffee to the locals. They’re goal is to differentiate from other Port St. Lucie restaurants by serving rich and flavorful artisan coffee, freshly baked pastries, and many staple entrees. They created the shop so newcomers would be greeted by stunning pastries and the strong smell of fresh, delicious coffee as soon as they walked through the door.

The cafe is great for enjoying coffee, pastries, or tapas. It’s also a great place to get work done. The shop has free Wi-Fi and welcomes coffee drinkers who need a place to work. The cafe’s owners are very kind and friendly, offering superb customer service.

Although Aji Dulce Cafe Gourmet is relatively new, it has received very high ratings for its coffee, empanadas, and excellent service. The coffee shop’s atmosphere is spotless and inviting, making it an ideal place to experience good coffee in Port St. Lucie. Aji Dulce Cafe Gourmet is at 1042 SW Bayshore Blvd, Port St. Lucie, Florida.

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