8 Awesome Port St. Lucie Brunch Spots

These 8 Port St. Lucie brunch spots are popular restaurants where visitors and locals can find delicious food in an amazing atmosphere. Port St. Lucie has many great restaurants and even the pickiest eaters can find a brunch spot they enjoy. Below are 8 amazing places for brunch in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Frittata Caffe & Bistro

best port st lucie brunch

Frittata Caffe & Bistro is the perfect brunch spot for diners looking for a quaint hidden gem. The restaurant has a modern, upscale atmosphere. The bistro has high ratings because it serves a delicious brunch with friendly and attentive service.

Frittata Caffe & Bistro serves various delectable dishes, including the banana Nutella waffle with vanilla Gelato, prosciutto panini, and avocado toast caprese. There are also decent vegetarian options. Vegan or vegetarian diners can opt for a veggie frittata. Although the bistro has great food, the restaurant’s specialty and passion is coffee. The bistro uses meticulously sourced coffee beans to serve the best coffee possible.

Doubling as a European Bakery, Frittata has some great Port St. Lucie dessert choices if you want to cure your sweet tooth. The restaurant consistently receives glowing reviews for its coffee and food.

Diners searching for a spot with hot, fresh coffee and friendly service will enjoy the bistro. The upscale atmosphere and great food make Frittata Caffe & Bistro a great place for a Mother’s Day brunch in Port St. Lucie.

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe

keke brunch port st lucie

Keke’s Breakfast Cafe is an outstanding option for brunch in Port St. Lucie. The food is very fresh, with fruits and veggies delivered to the restaurant daily.

Keke’s also uses high-quality bread and dairy products. The quality and taste of the dishes at Keke’s are superb. Recommended dishes include the Florida pancakes, banana nut caramel French Toast, apple cinnamon stuffed French toast, and eggs Florentine. The restaurant also receives high marks for its food presentation.

The atmosphere at Keke’s is casual yet classy. The servers are attentive, and food is served fairly promptly. Keke’s can also accommodate large parties of up to twenty people without hesitation, making it an excellent spot for birthday brunch in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Zest Kitchen and Bar

zest brunch port st lucie

Zest Kitchen and Bar is located in the heart of St. Lucie West and serves modern American food. The restaurant is very clean and contemporary, with a lovely relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant also has outdoor seating, making it ideal for weekend brunch in Port St. Lucie on a beautiful sunny day.

Zest’s menu is upscale, with dishes like shredded duck salad, grilled swordfish sandwiches, and seared tuna steak. Diners particularly enjoy the deconstructed seared tuna and seafood ceviche. The food is well-seasoned and cooked to perfection. Zest Kitchen and Bar is also known for its drinks. The restaurant has a range of beers, seltzers, wines, and specialty cocktails. Brunchgoers can opt for a cranberry pomegranate mimosa or Sangria.

Zest is family-owned and has fantastic service with attentive and polite waitstaff. Larger groups can sit at a table, while solo diners can receive excellent service at the bar. Although the restaurant is a bit pricier than other brunch options, it’s well worth the quality.

Berry Fresh Cafe

berry fresh brunch in stuart

Delicious brunch spread at Berry Fresh. (Source: Berry Fresh)

Berry Fresh Cafe is a highly recommended brunch spot with a menu that has something for everyone. The restaurant has an array of meat-centered dishes, but it’s also a great brunch spot for vegans in Port St. Lucie. Diners love the blueberry fritters, potato pancakes and eggs, and banana blue foster-stuffed French toast. The food is made from scratch with fresh farm-to-table ingredients to ensure quality and flavor.

Berry Fresh Cafe is relaxed and casual, with many regulars known by name. The cafe stands out from other Port St. Lucie restaurants with dog-friendly outdoor seating and a canopy and outdoor electric heaters for chilly days. The restaurant is open seven days a week, so it’s an ideal option for weekday brunch. Although the cafe can get busy, it’s well worth the wait.

From here, you can go one exit south to find some of the best restaurants in Tradition, which can provide some breakfast and brunch fare as well.

Steamworks Coffeebar and Eatery

steamworks coffee shop port st lucie fl

Steamworks Coffeebar and Eatery is a fantastic spot for brunch with friends, a date, or even alone. The atmosphere is cool, upscale, and interesting, with beautiful wood decor and space for both food and entertainment.

Although the eatery specializes in coffee and breakfast, it also has a great menu with amazing options that could suit your brunch needs. Highly recommended dishes include The Tardis (French toast with fresh berries), The Argent (sweet waffles with bacon or sausage), and The Aeronaut (turkey club). Regulars also love the tater tots.

One of the more prevalent coffee shops in Port St. Lucie, it is popular among people who want a lively place to get some work done or study.

The food at Steamworks Coffeebar and Eatery is top-notch, and the organic coffee is roasted with premium fresh beans. Although Steamworks is a hidden gem, the location is in plain sight on U.S. Hwy 1. The restaurant is highly recommended for a delicious brunch in the city.

Mama Lisa’s Bistro

mama lisa bistro port st lucie florida

Mama Lisa’s Bistro is a family-owned restaurant perfect for diners who want to depart from chain restaurants and have some old-fashioned American food. The menu is full of flavorful dishes prepared by a talented team of chefs. Everything is cooked from scratch.

Mama Lisa’s has all the staple dishes like eggs Benedict, pancakes, and French toast, yet it’s easy to find something new and different, like apple stuffed waffles. The restaurant also has the city’s most highly rated corn beef hash. It’s more of a breakfast diner, but would do well for those aiming for classic menu items for brunch in Port St. Lucie.

Mama Lisa’s Bistro is also very family-friendly. The restaurant features a free Pac-Man machine, providing extra fun and entertainment for kids and adults. The bistro has a piano, which staff use to play “Happy Birthday” for diners on their special day, making it a fantastic place to have a birthday brunch in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Mama Lisa’s Bistro is an excellent brunch spot for families and friends who want brunch in a warm, family-friendly setting. Diners looking for a welcoming atmosphere with good food will enjoy Mama Lisa’s Bistro.

First Watch

first watch stuart fl

Serving brunch at First Watch in Port St. Lucie. (Source: First Watch)

First Watch is one of the best brunch spots in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The restaurant is very nice and modern yet casual. However, it can get busy with longer wait times than average, so visiting during off-peak hours is better.

First Watch’s menu includes all the standard brunch options and a rotating seasonal selection of interesting dishes. Regulars recommend the salmon Benedict, lemon ricotta pancakes, and the frittata rustica omelet. The donuts and million-dollar bacon also receive high ratings. The restaurant is also perfect for diners who are very health-conscious and want organic and gluten-free options.

First Watch is also an excellent spot for brunch drinks. They have many interesting brunch cocktails, such as the million-dollar bloody Mary and the spiked lavender lemonade. Diners opting for healthier drink options can order a Kale Tonic or Morning Meditation fresh juice. First Watch is a great local restaurant with plenty of unique homemade menu items that provide an incredible brunch experience in Port St. Lucie.

Nonna’s Bistro in Port St Lucie

nonnas bistro port st lucie

Nonna’s Bistro in Port St Lucie offers a little slice of Italy in the heart of the Treasure Coast. The restaurant serves authentic Italian food and has many fantastic brunch options. Nonna’s is more popular among locals than tourists, which makes it an ideal spot for a quiet, peaceful brunch in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Although the restaurant is small, it’s cute and welcoming.

Diners who discover the hidden gem should try the egg and cheese sandwich, chicken vodka parmesan hero, toasted croissant with butter, and French toast casserole. Diners who are very hungry will enjoy the Hungry Man Hero, which offers a very generous portion size. The baked goods are also impressive. Locals love the scones, cookies, and muffins made fresh every morning.

Although the restaurant is not as upscale as some other restaurants listed for brunch in Port St. Lucie, it’s an incredibly cozy place that feels homey and inviting. The food is authentic and home-cooked. Nonna’s is perfect for locals and vacationers who want to try a mom-and-pop restaurant that offers home-cooked meals. It’s a great spot for delicious food, friendly service, and a pleasant atmosphere with good vibes.




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