New Terra Lago Project Could Double the Population of Indiantown

The new Terra Lago development could double the population of Indiantown, causing the quaint city to transform along with an exciting new community and more desirable amenities. The Terra Lago project is a Latin name that means “earth and lakes.” The name emphasizes how the development plans to incorporate nature into a planned community located in the heart of Indiantown.

Terra Lago will be Indiantown’s largest financial development at $750 million. The new development will be a game-changer for Indiantown. Housing, retail, parks, lakes, trails, and a private pool and clubhouse are part of the developer’s plans. The development will comprise over 800 acres and take seven to ten years to complete. The development will happen in stages. Phase One of the project started on March 1, 2024.


The first phase includes 630 single-family homes, townhomes, and a large outdoor area featuring a pool, clubhouse, and soccer field. Apartment communities will be built during the second phase. Around 300 apartments will be available. The community also expects to include a downtown space with various businesses, such as a grocery store, commercial office space, and medical facilities.

Terra Lago will offer a variety of housing styles, including apartments, townhomes, and single-family homes. The variety of home options will attract everyone from empty-nesters to large families. The townhomes are expected to start in the 200K range, and single-family homes will begin in the 350K range. The first house in Terra Lago will be completed in 2025. The community will also include a 200-bed assisted living facility to care for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Possible Impacts of Terra Lago in Indiantown

Terra Lago plans to have a positive economic impact on Indiantown and Martin County at large. The new development is expected to boost property tax revenue by at least 33% and generate more than $16 million yearly in personal property taxes. These taxes will significantly help the local government expand and upgrade infrastructure in Indiantown.

In addition to expanding the tax base, Terra Lago will also provide affordable housing options. Currently, the average sale price for homes in Indiantown, Florida, is $700K. Josh Kellam, president of The Garcia Companies and the developer of Terra Lago, explained that the development will make home ownership more attainable in the area.

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Location of Terra Lago in Indiantown, Florida (Source: Google)

New Jobs to Indiantown Community

Indiantown has worked hard over the last several years to grow its influence and population. The town already has two significant industrial sites that contribute to its growth. The city’s largest manufacturing facilities include Green Carbon Solutions, a seventeen-acre facility that produces eco-friendly charcoal. In 2023, the Indiantown Village Council approved a $40 million ammunition manufacturing company called Grind Hard Ammo. The council unanimously approved 26,000 square-foot facility. These facilities are in the beginning development stages, yet they’re expected to bring many jobs and exciting opportunities to the town.

Terra Lago will accelerate the town’s growth and economic strength by increasing job opportunities. New business centers, retail shopping, restaurants, and businesses will all provide more jobs for the local Indiantown community. The hope is that Indiantown will become an attractive destination for small businesses and entrepreneurs. The town has the potential to create a dynamic community that still holds its rural charm while simultaneously offering residents more city amenities. Martin County is also excited about the new opportunities that Terra Lago Indiantown will bring.

How Will Terra Lago Affect Indiantown’s Natural Environment?

The developer has included natural preservation in its plans and wants to incorporate the beauty of the environment into everyday life. Terra Lago will preserve at least 100 acres of wetlands, wetland buffers, and upland while creating 98 acres of manmade lakes where people can fish and enjoy other water activities. The community will also have plenty of trails, creating a walkable environment for people to enjoy Indiantown’s natural beauty.

Indiantown is an excellent place for nature lovers. The area is a fishing and boating mecca for those living in or vising the Treasure Coast. The newly completed Indiantown Marine Center has a full-service boat yard and dry storage marina, creating convenience for boat owners in the area. The town also has many amazing parks, including Big Mound Park, Booker Park, and Timer Powers Park.

One reason people are attracted to Indiantown is its excellent location just east of Lake Okeechobee. Many locals view their town as a hidden secret because it provides a tranquil rural lifestyle while still being close driving distance to city amenities. Terra Lago will allow the town to experience tremendous growth while preserving many natural habitats that make it a peaceful place to live.

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Will Terra Lago Cause Traffic Problems in Indiantown, Florida?

The new development in Indiantown will bring an abundance of homes, significantly increasing the town’s population. City officials expect the population to double. The town’s current population is 6,123 people. Additionally, visitors from other areas of the Treasure Coast will want to visit Indiantown due to its businesses, parks, lakes, hiking trails, and other amenities.

Population growth and new businesses could cause traffic congestion. Terra Lago plans to solve this problem by creating new roads that provide easy access to communities and help drivers escape Warfield Boulevard. The development’s walkability should also help prevent congestion as the population grows.

Locals are Excited about the Terra Lago Indiantown Development

When local officials broke ground on Terra Lago at 16205 Warfield Blvd, hundreds of people gathered for the exciting event. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on March 26, 2024. Locals in Indiantown are excited about Terra Lago because they believe the development and subsequent population growth will create a flourishing, vibrant town that easily attracts businesses and other developers.

The community has been supportive of the new development, and Terra Lago is working with locals to create a development that benefits everyone. The developer chose Indiantown because of the city’s abundant available land. However, when the developer approached city officials and residents about the development, the enthusiasm was noticeable.

Indiantown is unique because it’s one of the oldest towns in the area, yet it’s relatively newly incorporated. The town was incorporated in December 2017 to create a tranquil location for locals to settle down. Indiantown, Florida, has an interesting history. The Seminole people established it as a trading post, but it’s now a quaint, charming town that wants to grow and flourish.

The Terra Lago Indiantown development will allow the town to increase its affluence. Once the new Terra Lago development is complete, Indiantown expects to welcome an influx of new residents who could create a positive economic impact for the area.

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Creating a Family-Friendly Community

Indiantown is a family-friendly community. The community offers a peaceful and safe environment that is attractive to families with children. Another reason families flock to Indiantown is its educational system. The town has one of the best high schools in Martin County. The Indiantown High School opened its doors to students in 2022. It’s a public charter high school operated by the Indian River State College. The High School is geared toward career and technical education. Students at Indiantown High School can dually enroll at Indian River State College and earn their associate’s degree before graduating high school. The world-class high school, which features technologically advanced, immersive learning spaces, is attractive to families and great for property values in Indiantown, Florida.

Although the Terra Lago Indiantown community is a multi-use development created for all ages, the developer plans to create spaces ideal for young families. The development will be a family-friendly community with a playground and educational nature area for families with children. The developer will also design several green spaces for families with children to play and explore.

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