Live Music in Jupiter Florida: Best Venues, Schedules, & More

For those visiting Florida’s Treasure Coast, finding live music in Jupiter offers a way to enjoy nightlife more than most of the quiet towns in the area.

Jupiter is a hotspot for any live music aficionado to enjoy, and it features an eclectic blend of venues that cater to every taste and scratch every itch.

Whether you’re more into swaying to the rhythms of a local jazz band, rocking out to a well-known rock group, or getting lost in the soulful melodies of an acoustic set at the waterfront, the Jupiter live music scene will create an unforgettable sonic journey.

We’re going to take a trip through some of the most beloved music spots in the city, from small venues where you can see your favorite local act, or larger locations that can host massive concerts or festivals.

As we journey through each one, we’ll cover what the setting is, and what you can expect for food and drink options nearby.

While each venue is different, each one is also one of the town’s most-loved music spots, so prepare for a vibrant tour of musical delights with our breakdown of the venues where you can find live music right in Jupiter.

Guanabanas Restaurant

Address: 960 N Hwy A1A, Jupiter

guanabanas live music in jupiter fl

Live music at Guanabanas (Source: Guanabanas Facebook)

Guanabanas Restaurant in Jupiter is well-known for its live music scene, particularly featuring blues and reggae artists known both locally and internationally.

Guanabanas is one of the top locations for outdoor dining in Jupiter, known for its lush, tropical vegetation, and can offer a wide range of performances that range from local tribute bands to original acts.

If you’re in the mood for upcoming events that lend a more laid-back blues and reggae experience, this is the spot you’ll want to be.

Maltz Jupiter Theatre

Address: 1001 E Indiantown Rd, Jupiter

maltz jupiter theatre

Outside of the Maltz Jupiter Theatre (Source: Maltz Jupiter Theatre)

The Maltz Jupiter Theatre is a professional, non-profit theater that hosts a diverse lineup of performances throughout the year.

With both seasonal productions and limited engagement events, the Maltz is dedicated to entertaining, educating, and inspiring the community through the performing arts.

Double Roads

Address: 750 South, Florida A1A, Jupiter

double roads live music in jupiter

Live music at Double Roads in Jupiter (Source: Double Roads Facebook)

Double Roads Tavern stands as a unique location to experience live music in Jupiter and draws its inspiration from a local hotspot that’s been known for its jam sessions that date back to the ‘60s and ‘70s.

This is more than just a bar with a stage, it’s a living tribute to the rich history of Jupiter and the vibrant community spirit it’s imbued with.

Double Roads is committed to showcasing local talent, which means guests can always expect a diverse array of music, and a unique offering every night of the week.

This venue is steeped in the legacy of its namesake and creates a unique space where everyone can enjoy an assortment of genres, including rock, jazz, and blues.

Square Grouper Tiki Bar

Address: 1111 Love St, Jupiter

Square Grouper Jupiter

The Square Grouper Tiki Bar in Jupiter, Florida is known for more than just being a great local spot to catch some live music, it’s also famous for playing roles in more than one music video.

This local hotspot first opened its doors in 2003, and it became one of the most beloved spots for locals and visitors alike.

With a location that puts it at the end of Love St., and stunning views of Jupiter Inlet, as well as the iconic lighthouse, Square Grouper offers laid-back tropical vibes with almost non-stop musical accompaniment.

The Square Grouper is to be a hub for live music seven days a week, featuring an array of local bands, and occasionally, surprise performances by renowned artists.

Additionally, the venue also frequently fundraises for other non-profits in the area, so it’s certainly among the must-visit spots in Jupiter.

Seabreeze Amphitheater

Address: 750 South, Florida A1A, Jupiter

seabreeze amphitheatre in jupiter fl

Live music displays at Seabreeze Amphitheatre (Source: Seabreeze Amphitheater)

The Seabreeze Amphitheater is set in the beautiful Carlin Park in Jupiter and is a medium-sized music venue that can hold up to 2000 people.

It’s used to accommodate larger audiences for theater productions, concerts, tribute bands, fundraisers, and movie screenings.

The amphitheater is well-equipped with a covered stage that measures 36’ x 35’, alongside three dressing rooms, prop and costume storage areas, a green room, and the necessary rigging for sound and lighting.

This means there is plenty of room for local acts as well as visiting stars.

One of the most notable highlights of the Seabreeze Amphitheater is the annual hosting of the Palm Beach Shakespeare Festival which has been a beloved local tradition for more than two decades.

The Seabreeze is also known for hosting other large-scale entertainment and music events, thanks in no small part to collaborations with CBS Radio and local Jupiter restaurants that play a role in its success.

These events serve to underscore the massively diverse musical and cultural offerings that can be found at the amphitheater.

Abacoa Amphitheater

Address: 1260 University Boulevard, Jupiter

abacoa amphitheatre live music

Live music concert in Abacoa (Source: Abacoa Concerts Facebook)

The Abacoa Amphitheater in Downtown Abacoa is a mid-sized venue that hosts a diverse array of musical artists as well as theater and community functions. Check out the Abacoa Concerts Facebook Page or stay in tune with the local property owner’s association to hear of upcoming shows; you can also visit some of the local restaurants and bars that typically advertise events on the horizon.

From casual evenings with live bands at local grills to larger music festivals and concerts, the area surrounding the theater is a hub for entertainment. Attendees are walking-distance to many diners, breweries, bars, and more.

The design of the area around the theater creates an atmosphere that improves the overall musical experience and makes it one of the go-to venues for many locals and visitors looking for a vibrant musical experience in Jupiter.

Ralph’s Stand Up Bar

Address: 113 Center St, Jupiter

ralphs stand up bar jupiter fl

Setting at Ralph’s Stand Up Bar in Jupiter (Source:

Ralph’s Stand Up Bar, a Jupiter icon since 1948, holds the title of Palm Beach County’s oldest licensed bar and used to be known as ‘Ralph’s Fishing Camp’.

Ralph’s is highly celebrated for their no-frills approach, welcoming everyone, and being the catalyst for some incredible conversations among guests.

It’s a place where locals converge for the coldest beer in town, vibrant live music, and the cozy outdoor patio, where the event calendar always has something fun going on.

DAS Beer Garden

Address: 1203 Town Center Dr #116, Jupiter

das beer garden

Viewing DAS Beer Garden in Jupiter (Source:

DAS Beer Garden in Downtown Abacoa, Jupiter, is a vibrant neighborhood hangout known for offering many exciting things to do for those visiting Jupiter.

DAS is known as a hub for the local community not only for the extensive craft beer selection and welcoming atmosphere but also for its hugely popular entertainment options that typically are accompanied by live music.

Events like Bingo Mondays, Think & Drink Trivia on Tuesdays, and Liquid Courage Karaoke on Thursdays get the community warmed up for the lively weekends full of live music and sports.

For guests who are looking for something to eat or drink while enjoying the tunes, there are countless top-tier offerings here that include brats, pizza, potato pancakes, and even poutine.

Uncle Mick’s Bar & Grill

Address: 6671 W Indiantown Rd #61, Jupiter

uncle micks live music jupiter fl

Billiards at Uncle Mick’s in Jupiter (Source: Uncle Mick’s Google Profile)

Uncle Mick’s Bar & Grill is another local hotspot for anyone who loves live music, as well as sports.

This spot prides itself on offering great food, cold drinks, exceptional service, and live music, even being known as the best country nightclub in the area.

Guests will have their choice of plenty of options for food, and some of the best drinks around, with anything from light bites to full meals being available.

Wrapping Up

Jupiter is rapidly making a name for itself as a thriving Treasure Coast hub for live music, both on the local and international scale.

From cozy taverns and tropical tiki bars to professional theaters and open-air amphitheaters, each location contributes charm and a unique booking of performances that are sure to keep locals and visitors cheering for more.

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