9 Downtown Stuart Restaurants You Have to Try

An idyllic town on the Treasure Coast, there are plenty of downtown Stuart restaurants that are brimming with culinary delights and featuring atmospheres just as warm and welcoming as the locals.

When you’re visiting Stuart, it’s a feast for the eyes with the colored, storied buildings and enticing waterfront vistas, but it’s also a haven for gourmands and food lovers of all types.

Downtown Stuart restaurants are a vivid mosaic of styles and flavors that are experts at blending local seafood specialties with global culinary influence, and you can enjoy them in locations that range from cozy cafes and bistros to elegant dockside or waterfront dining venues.

Everywhere you turn there’s another view of the rich gastronomic tapestry that city weaves, and as we explore restaurants in historic downtown Stuart, FL, we’ll dig into some of the cuisines, dishes, and locations that have made this area so popular with diners.

Here’s our rundown of the 9 downtown Stuart restaurants you absolutely have to try.

Luna Downtown Stuart

luna pizza downtown stuart

Luna Downtown Stuart offers a dining experience that effortlessly blends a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with dining sophistication.

This restaurant is highly rated among visitors and renowned for its creative blending of contemporary and traditional flavors, and it presents a menu that’s as diverse as the city of Stuart itself.

Luna’s chefs craft dishes that are both visually stunning to behold, but also unbelievably palate-pleasing, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients that honor Florida’s rich culinary heritage.

Signature dishes such as their innovative seafood creations and expertly prepared cuts of beef have made Luna one of the must-visit locations for anyone visiting Stuart and plenty of locals.

The ambiance isn’t to be missed, and the elegant yet unpretentious setting mirrors the town’s historic charm with an added modern twist, making it almost casual and upscale.

With the perfect blend of past and present, Luna Downtown Stuart offers a dining experience that you’ll remember.

Stuart Boathouse

Boathouse Stuart

Stuart Boathouse is perched on the tranquil waterfront in historic downtown Stuart and offers a dining experience that expertly mixes quaint nautical charm with culinary finesse.

Some of their most popular dishes are the Crab-Stuffed Flounder, using the freshest local flounder. And the Boathouse Paella, featuring a generous medley of shrimp, clams, mussels, and chorizo.

The location of the Boathouse is ideal among Stuart restaurants, where diners can enjoy their meal alongside stunning waterfront views, making it the perfect destination for a family meal, a romantic dinner, or just a seaside snack with friends.

Black Marlin

black marlin downtown stuart fl

Black Marlin is another one of the best restaurants in historic downtown Stuart, FL, and it’s known by locals and visitors alike not only for the impeccable seafood offerings but for the lively and vibrant atmosphere as well.

The restaurant has a vibrant setting that comes complete with maritime and nautical-themed decor, making it a popular spot for both casual diners and those looking for a place to celebrate special occasions. It also has a fantastic happy hour menu that starts at 4:00 PM most evenings.

Black Marlin is known for having an unshakable commitment to providing the freshest local seafood offerings, prepared in delicious and inventive ways, and when you combine that with the energetic ambiance you have a restaurant that locals see as a staple of quality dining.

One of their most famous dishes, the Lobster Pot Pie, is a unique take on a classic, featuring tender lobster meat in a rich, savory sauce, topped with a flaky pastry crust, giving you all the stick-to-your-ribs goodness of a pot pie with the luxurious lobster twist.

Additionally, the Blackened Mahi Mahi served with tropical mango salsa, perfectly embodies the coastal flavors that Florida is known for.

Spritz City Bistro

spritz bistro downtown stuart fl

Another culinary gem in the crown of downtown Stuart is the Spritz City Bistro, which is beloved locally for its vibrant atmosphere and eclectic menu selection that perfectly embodies the Stuart Spirit.

This charming bistro is the perfect retreat for food enthusiasts and offers a tasty fusion of local and international flavors, with their menu being a testament to creativity as well as tradition, and featuring a range of dishes from fresh local seafood to expertly crafted pasta that are all prepared with a unique twist or vision.

Spritz City Bistro prides itself on offering fresh ingredients and skillful, innovative preparations, and serves it all in an intimate setting with contemporary decor, making the ideal backdrop for a memorable dining experience. It’s a very popular location for breakfast in Stuart, serving up early morning and brunch specials.

From casual lunches to sophisticated dinners and even celebratory meals, Spritz City Bistro is here for it, and their blend of excellent food and welcoming atmosphere make a location you just can’t miss if you’re in town.

Oak & Ember Steakhouse

oak and ember downtown stuart

Oak & Ember is one of the most distinguished and revered downtown Stuart restaurants, and it’s beloved for its unbeatable meat selections and upscale dining experience.

If you’re looking to enjoy one of their 45-day dry-aged masterpiece 20oz Bone-in Rib Chops, or dive into the Seared Colossal Sea Scallops paired with savory corn pudding and sweet and spicy bacon are just as warm and inviting as the atmosphere.

This spot has a refined elegance that blends into Downtown Stuart, without being intimidating, so it’s a great spot for a romantic evening.

The Gafford

The Gafford Stuart

The Gafford is situated in the heart of historic downtown and elegantly combines traditional coastal American cuisine with a flash of Southern decadence and charm.

They’re known for having a welcoming ambiance which, when combined with the rustic-chic decor, results in the perfect setting in which to enjoy their hearty, flavor-packed signature dishes.

A highlight on their menu is the signature Gafford Steak, a perfectly aged, hand-cut piece of beef that’s a local favorite.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous, try their Shrimp and Grits, which brings a Southern classic to life with succulent shrimp served over creamy, stone-ground grits, perfectly encapsulating the sophistication and pure comfort of their dishes.

When it comes down to it, The Gafford isn’t just another great place to grab a bite, it’s rapidly become a culinary landmark in downtown Stuart that offers a dining experience deeply rooted in local culture and cuisine, both coastal and southern.

Riverwalk Cafe & Oyster Bar

Riverwalk Cafe & Oyster Bar

The Riverwalk Cafe & Oyster Bar is right on the waterfront in downtown Stuart, and if you’re looking for a place to enjoy the traditional aphrodisiacs of oysters, among countless other options, this is the place you want to be.

The Riverwalk provides a beautiful blend of culinary delights served in a setting of casual elegance, and it’s nothing short of a seafood lover’s paradise.

Inside visitors are treated to a welcoming ambiance that’s highlighted by the historic charm and exposed brickwork that make it feel like the perfect upscale but cozy location.

La Grande Martier

le grande martier stuart fl restaurant

La Grande Martier is one of the more upscale restaurants in historic downtown Stuart, FL, and focuses on the elegance of French cuisine, presented with a Florida twist.

This decadent restaurant is a local hub for gourmets and gourmands and curates a menu that mingles classic French techniques with the freshest local seafood imaginable.

Distinctly French culinary artistry is evident in dishes like the Coquilles Saint-Jacques, which features succulently seared scallops atop a velvety leek and saffron sauce, and the Canard à l’Orange, which presents a crisply roasted duck with a zesty orange glaze, putting a Florida citrus twist on a classic.

When you’re done dining, take a stroll through some shops in Downtown Stuart that neighbor this restaurant. Even if you’re just window shopping, its a fun way to pass time after a satisfying meal.

The ambiance of La Grande Martier is one of a Parisian bistro, but blended with a slightly relaxed Florida charm, enhancing the dining experience uniquely.

For those looking for more than a meal, La Grande Martier offers an enchanting culinary journey that brings the beating, passionate heart of France right to vibrant downtown Stuart.


waterfront restaurant stuart fl

The Waterfront restaurant provides diners an unbeatable experience that not only celebrates the Floridian coastal bounty but provides it in a setting that features expansive panoramas of the water.

Obviously specializing in seafood, the Waterfront’s menu is like a rundown of the freshest, tastiest offerings the coast has to offer. As its name insinuates, it’s truly one of the top waterfront restaurants in Stuart, overlooking the St. Lucie River in a place you can feel the ocean breeze.

The Cedar Plank Salmon, infused with the smoky essence of cedar and complemented by a tangy dill sauce is an indulgent take on salmon, while the Grouper is expertly prepared with a light herbed crust and served with citrus salsa, showcasing the bright flavors of the Treasure Coast

Wrapping Up

There you have it, a culinary tour of the can’t-miss downtown Stuart restaurants.

Downtown Stuart, with its unique blend of modernity and rich coastal history, is able to offer a dining experience unlike any other, and unparalleled on the Treasure Coast to be sure.

Whether you enjoy the rustic charm of The Gafford or the maritime zest of the Black Marlin, each venue imbues its offerings with a unique thread that is just one out of countless in the tapestry of coastal dining.

From the perfectly aged and seared steak from Oak & Ember, or the decadent seafood indulgences at the Riverwalk and Stuart Boathouse, there are flavors for every palate and satisfaction for every craving. Yep

As you enjoy each of these locations, remember to take special note of the story that each bite tells, and you’ll carry that narrative with you even long after you return home.




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