Adventurous Activities to Do on the Treasure Coast

The Treasure Coast is a stretch of Florida’s beautiful Atlantic shore, and it’s a go-to destination for adventurers and thrill-seekers as well as those looking for tranquility.

Known for pristine, sandy beaches, verdant landscapes, and wildly diverse ecosystems, there are countless things to do on the Treasure Coast that are not only fun but that cater to an adventurous spirit, and the craving for adrenaline that often accompanies that spirit.

From probing the depths of the Atlantic to the serene landscape of its various estuaries, the Treasure Coast seems custom-made for those who are looking for a connection with nature, along with some adventurous fun.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the most adventurous activities on the Treasure Coast that can make you feel alive.

Kayaking in the Indian River Lagoon

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park Lake Kayak

Kayaking in Indian River County is arguably one of the most tranquil yet adventurous experiences.

The lagoon is known for its calm waters and high levels of biodiversity, making it perfect for kayaking enthusiasts of all skill and adventure levels.

Kayakers can explore serene waterways and beautiful mangrove tunnels, potentially spot exotic wildlife like dolphins or manatees, and just kick back to enjoy the scenic beauty.

The diverse ecosystems present in the lagoon provide a deeply educational aspect to the sense of adventure and highlight the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship.

Not only are kayak rentals available, making it easy for visitors to get in on the fun, but there are also motorized kayak tours, and clear kayak night tours.

The motorized kayak tours provide an accessible way for anyone to get around the waterways easily, while still being present enough to appreciate and even photograph the flora, fauna, and scenery.

GLOW kayak tours put the paddler in a clear kayak outfitted with beautiful LED lights, that is then taken on a nocturnal tour, experiencing ecosystems and activity that just isn’t available during the daytime.

Surfing in Jensen Beach

treasure coast surfing

While it may not be an internationally renowned surf spot, Jensen Beach on the Treasure Coast is one of the best beaches for surfers and is known locally not only for the consistent waves but also for the endlessly friendly surf community.

It’s ideal both for beginners as well as seasoned surfers, and it offers various surf breaks that provide opportunities for all different skill levels.

Surf schools and surf rental shops along the Treasure Coast typically provide lessons to those who need them, which makes it easy and accessible for newcomers to get their feet wet.

The perfect blend of warm weather, consistently good wave conditions, and idyllic settings make surfing Jensen Beach exhilarating and rewarding, whether you’re catching waves at dawn or riding the surf during a sunset session.

Scuba Diving at Coral Reefs

scuba dive treasure coast fl

Scuba diving along the Treasure Coast reveals an underwater world of shipwrecks and breathtaking coral reefs, absolutely packed with vibrant and colorful marine life.

The reefs in this region are known for its history of sunken ships and having incredible levels of biodiversity, including colorful fish, sea turtles, and more.

Diving tours offer visitors a chance to more deeply explore these underwater worlds, allowing both beginners and experienced divers the opportunity to experience the unforgettable.

There are countless dive shops and scuba schools that offer not only tours, but rentals, lessons, and more, helping to ensure peak safety and enjoyment during your underwater journey. Stuart Scuba is one location that provides tours for all levels and also offers certification classes, gear, and more.

The warm and incredibly clear waters make for excellent visibility, and help divers uncover the intricate beauty of coal formations, as well as the countless forms of life they help to support.

Every dive is special, and a unique opportunity to connect with the mysterious ocean, making scuba diving at the coral reefs an adventure like no other on the Treasure Coast.

Deep Sea Fishing

fishing treasure coast

Deep sea fishing is exhilarating, but anglers flock to the Treasure Coast for the unique variety of game fish the local waterways are simply teeming with.

Visitors hoping for some successful fishing charters can count on being able to hunt a variety of game fish including sailfish, tuna, and mahi mahi, with local charters offering guided trips that make it easy for novices and experienced fishers alike to hook into excitement.

These excursions promise the thrill of the chase as well as the catch, while also giving you a chance to experience the stunning oceanic environment that surrounds you.

Skilled captains-for-hire will navigate to the most prolific fishing grounds, and then teach you the techniques you need to know to land that whopper and make some unforgettable memories.

Depending on the charter you choose, typically half-day and full-day rates are available, so you can tailor your experience to your schedule or itinerary.

Hiking in Savannas Preserve State Park

Savannah Preserve State Park

Hiking in Savannas Preserve State Park is a journey through one of the most unique ecosystems in all of Florida.

The park spans more than 10 miles and features meandering trails that take visitors on treks through freshwater marshes, scrubby flatwoods, and impressive pine forests.

Hikers can also enjoy the diverse flora and fauna, including the chance to spot rare bird species and gorgeous wildflowers.

The trails are very well-marked, making it great for beginners or the solo hiker, and the various trails cater to beginners and hardcore hikers alike, while the peaceful setting makes it a great option for anyone just looking for some tranquility away from busy city life.

Airboat Tours in the Marshlands

florida airboat tours

Airboat tours are one of the most exciting activities in the Treasure Coast’s marshlands, and these tours offer an incredibly unique look at parts of Florida’s wetlands that are typically overlooked as “swampy” areas.

These high-speed boasts zip you across the surface of the water in a thrilling tour of lush Floridian landscapes, home to countless varieties of wildlife, including alligators and diverse species of birds.

The most popular area for this will be around Vero Beach. Check out Capt. Bob’s or Gator Bait Airboat Adventures as well as a few others in their immediate vicinity; most options have excellent reviews and similar price ranges.

The tour guides are knowledgeable, and provide visitors with insightful commentary on not only the ecosystem but the history and culture of the area, further enhancing the educational potential of these trips.

Airboat tours are the perfect activity for individuals or groups who are looking for an exciting, adrenaline-filled adventure, while still wanting to learn about and appreciate the area’s delicate ecological balance.

Horseback Riding on Hutchinson Island

hutchinson island horseback riding

Horseback riding on Hutchinson Island is one of the more unique ways to explore the Treasure Coast’s immaculate beaches, and riders of all experience levels can find guided tours of the sandy shores, providing one of the more peaceful adventures that can be had.

The gentle rhythm of Hutchinson Island horseback riding, when combined with the serene ocean wave background creates one of the most tranquil yet invigorating experiences.

Anyone looking for a memorable way to connect with nature while also bonding with beautiful and graceful animals should absolutely consider taking a horseback tour.

Wrapping Up

As you’ve seen, the Treasure Coast suffers from no shortage of fun and adventurous activities, from the high-speed boating to the marshland airboat tours to the simple serene beauty of a horseback ride, each activity presents a unique and unmatched way to connect with nature.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful hike in the wilderness, an adrenaline-pumping water-based adventure, or a wildlife encounter, there is something on the Treasure Coast for all levels of adventurousness.

These adventurous activities not only promise fun and excitement, but also a unique look into Florida’s landscape, and an appreciation for the beautiful and diverse ecosystem of the Treasure Coast.

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