Exploring Downtown Stuart Shops & Boutiques

There are tons of ways in which Stuart is not your typical small town, and there are myriad things that make it a unique and exceptional community, with Downtown Stuart shops contributing to that culture and history.

This famed Treasure Coast location isn’t just a place to visit, it’s a living character in the stories of locals as well as visitors, and as you wander the streets of Downtown Stuart, every single step takes you through a wonderful contemporary canvas splashed with colors of tradition and community bonds.

Downtown Stuart is a place where the past and present exist at the same time, with historic buildings with generations of tales next to trendy boutiques and niche shops.

The air here is filled with energy, and it’s contagious; a blend of the laid-back Florida lifestyle and the excitement of a bustling cultural hub.

The downtown area, with its colorful facades and friendly smiles, invites you to be part of its narrative and to create your own unforgettable memories in its streets.

Of course, one of the biggest attractions is the shops of downtown Stuart, where every corner holds the potential of a discovery or treasure of some type.

Whether you’re a visitor or a local, the shops of downtown Stuart offer an experience that goes far beyond the ordinary.

The Heart of Downtown Stuart

The Downtown Stuart area isn’t confined to a single street or intersection, rather, it’s a mosaic spread across multiple streets and blocks, including primarily Osceola, Colorado, and Flagler, with each one bringing a unique offering of shops and boutiques.

The pulse of Downtown Stuart, Osceola Street is a vibrant mix of history and modernity.

downtown stuart shops

Home to a variety of shops and boutiques, this street is a paradise for shoppers and culture enthusiasts alike, from bespoke art at The Gilt Complex to the coastal-inspired Gumbo Limbo, Osceola Street offers a diverse shopping experience.

A stroll down Colorado Avenue reveals a blend of artistic and culinary delights.

Here, the historical ambiance is palpable, with buildings that tell stories of Stuart’s past.

Shops like The GypSea Cottage provide a taste of the coastal lifestyle, while local eateries offer flavors that satisfy diverse palates.

Flagler Avenue completes the downtown experience with its array of eclectic and stylish offerings, and boutiques like Matilda’s and April Daze on this avenue showcase a blend of beach chic and bohemian fashion.

The avenue’s relaxed yet fashionable vibe makes it a favorite for locals and visitors seeking unique finds.

April Daze

april daze stuart fl

Location: 308 S Colorado Ave

Making a name for itself as one of the most lively and artistic boutiques in downtown Stuart, April Daze boasts a wide selection of retro-inspired brands, knick-knacks, and other kitsch.

Brands you can find here include Lucky Brand, Hard Tail, and Free People, creating an exciting variety of fashion choices for shoppers.

The happy, retro vibe here is instantly inviting and makes it a local favorite for anyone looking for bohemian-inspired, free-spirited clothing and accessories.

The best thing is, that they don’t stop at clothes, they also stock a full mix of eclectic wines, gifts, and even home decor items that help capture that elegant boho essence.

April Daze has a unique blend of style, creativity, and flair that makes it one of the most notable downtown Stuart shops to visit for a first-time visitor or anyone who’s into the general aesthetic.

The Gilt Complex

gilt complex stuart fl

Location: 608 S Colorado Ave

The Gilt Complex has been a staple of downtown Stuart’s artistic community, and it’s seen by many as more than just a store, but a haven of sorts for all art enthusiasts.

They specialize in custom framing as well as art conservation, which means they cater to an incredibly diverse clientele that ranges from private collections to galleries, and even museums.

The Gilt Complex boasts one of the most extensive collections of frames in South Florida, and they are well-known by locals for combining personalized service with unmatched professional expertise.

Whether you’re looking to have a piece of art framed, or just preserve a cherished family photograph, The Gilt Complex leverages craftsmanship to create timeless art pieces.

Gumbo Limbo Coastal Chic

gumbo limbo stuart fl

Location: 37 SW Osceola St

Gumbo Limbo Coastal Chic is one of those boutiques that just ‘is’ the Florida coast, and it provides a specially curated collection of gifts and home decor.

Gumbo Limbo is much more than just a hot shopping spot, it’s a place to draw inspiration from for coastal living.

Proudly housing the Alex and Ani collection and featuring brands like Spartina 449 and Mud Pie, Gumbo Limbo maintains a vast selection of choices for stylish and modern home accents and trendy gifts.

The welcoming atmosphere is only bolstered by the gorgeous displays and setting, making it the perfect place to find that special gift to bring home to someone.

The GypSea Cottage

gypsea stuart shop

Location: 49 SW Osceola St

If you’re looking for a stylish boutique with a laid-back, beachy vibe, this place is an absolute treasure trove for those with ocean and coastal living in their soul.

From trendy beach apparel to unique blends of home furnishings and even gifts, GypSea Cottage offers a very distinct mix of products that the owner handpicks for the shop, cultivating the ultimate environment of escape to paradise.

This place is more than your typical boutique, it’s a definitive seaside experience in downtown Stuart that soothes the soul with its array of coastal-inspired items and friendly, inviting atmosphere.

Island Cotton Co.

Location: 53 SW Flagler Ave

It’s incredibly hard to fully enjoy Florida if you’re uncomfortable, but Florida’s climate is very unique and requires the use of light-fitting and breezy garments and fabrics, which Island Cotton Co. specializes in.

This boutique in downtown Stuart is where sophistication meets comfort, as it offers the perfect lineup of garments to help you feel the most comfortable during Florida’s sun-drenched days as well as the cool and breezy evenings.

The laid-back chic style of the Island Cotton collections makes them a local favorite for anyone seeking to outfit themselves in high-quality beach clothing.


Location: 15 SW Flagler Ave

This boutique shop in Downtown Stuart specializes in home decor, dresses, and clothing. The staff are known for being extremely friendly and the store is a quick walk to many Stuart restaurants and the St. Lucie River.

The owner of Matilda’s moved to Stuart from the midwest and mixes her heritage with coastal aesthetics of the Sunshine State, which is apparent in the women’s clothing sold here. If you’re looking for Lilly Pulitzer, this is the place to go.

Milli et Jaime Children’s Boutique and Fine Clothier

childrens shops downtown stuart fl

Location: 48 SE Osceola St

Milli et Jaime Children’s Boutique and Fine Clothier is a delightful destination for the epitome of children’s high-fashion and boutique offerings.

In addition to clothes, there are also toys, games, books, and even crafts, making it ideal for both kids and their grown-ups.

The boutique caters to the ‘best-dressed children’ crowd and showcases a variety of fashionable and unique items.

This boutique doesn’t just focus on clothing and toys, though, they have a primary goal of cultivating creativity and playfulness, which reflects in an enjoyable shopping experience for the entire family.

Must Boutique

Location: 13 SW Osceola St

Must Boutique is a treasure of Downtown Stuart that specializes in only the finest Italian fashions, making them a beacon for fashion enthusiasts.

This boutique is known for its wide selection of natural fabrics, including silk and linen, which are ideal for Florida’s coastal climate, and the atmosphere of the shop itself has a very Mediterranean blend of elegance, charm, and bold style.

Must Boutique’s selection is characterized by its commitment to using high-quality materials combined with timeless designs, and it caters to those seeking a sophisticated but comfortable style.

O’Sole Mio

o sole mio stuart fl

Location: 5 SW Osceola St

O’Sole Mio stands out among Stuart shopping options as a premier destination for men’s and women’s active and golf wear, including their staggering selection of UPF sun protection materials.

They carry top brands in the space, including Peter Millar, Southern Tide, and even Tommy Bahama, making this one of the best places for active visitors or Floridians to get the sporty and chic activewear they need.


Location: 39 SW Flagler Ave

Tootsies is a shop in downtown Stuart that is a delightfully unique shoe shop that offers a massive range of footwear options from names like Sperry Topsider, Yellow Box, and Ugg, as well as additional services.

While you can get shoes here, you can also experience a boutique nail studio, and get the perfect pampering, before checking out the selection of hats and other fashions created for Florida’s laid-back vibe.

The cheerful pink setting and inviting selection of top-tier shoes and nail services make Tootsies one of the must-see locations for anyone looking for comfort, style, and a bit of personal indulgence drizzled on their shopping day.

Shops in Downtown Stuart are a Shopper’s Paradise

Getting a chance to explore the shops and boutiques of downtown Stuart is like starting a whirlwind vacation, where you’ll find a wide variety of goods across countless styles and tastes.

Each store, from the chic elegance of Must Boutique to the boho charm of April Daze, is a contributing thread in the rich weave of shopping experiences in downtown Stuart, a tapestry that ultimately, summarizes the entire shopping essence of the Treasure Coast.

Downtown Stuart is more than just a section of the larger community, it’s a place where every turn means adventure, and around every corner could be your next favorite shop.

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