Great Family-Friendly Activities in Indian River County

Indian River County is an idyllic region along Florida’s East Coast, or Treasure Coast, and is a perfect place for families looking for a fun blend of adventure and relaxation.

It’s known for charming coastal towns like Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Fellsmere, and the county as a whole touts a massive lineup of attractions that cater to every family member, no matter their age or interests.

There are pristine parks and preserves, serene beaches, adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities, and rich cultural experiences, with each contributing to the unique combination of natural beauty and family-friendly entertainment that makes Indian River County special.

This region invites families to forge unforgettable memories as they explore the scenic surroundings, partake in thrilling adventures, and otherwise immerse themselves in experiences that will enrich their lives permanently.

As a travel destination that blends tranquility with adventure and culture, it can feel intimidating to find things to do in Indian River County without falling into the usual tourist traps, so here are some of the best family-friendly activities in the region.

Parks & Beaches

One of the things that Indian River County is known best for is its array of stunning parks and beaches, with each offering various serene landscapes and potential family activities.

The area’s coastline is trimmed with beautiful beaches, which create the ideal setting for swimming, sunbathing, sandcastle building, metal detecting, beach combing, and more.

Wabasso Beach Grass

Most beaches in Indian River County also feature very fine, soft sands, and gentle wave action, making them perfect for little ones to have safe fun.

In addition to the beaches, there are also fantastic Indian River County parks and wildlife preserves, which offer lush green spaces that are ideal for family gatherings like birthday parties, picnics, hiking, and even wildlife observation.

Many parks have playgrounds with large open areas that are great for kids to play and explore, while still being in an area suitable for family events and activities.

All of the county’s parks are impeccably maintained, and their interest in preserving the natural beauty while also keeping a clean and safe public space is evident, making them all feel very inviting.

Adventures In The Wild

One of the cornerstones of the perfect family vacation experience is having adventures in the wild, which can be had in abundance in Indian River County.

This area is a haven for nature enthusiasts and offers a wide range of various outdoor activities that can help families more deeply immerse themselves in the region’s natural splendor.

One of the most popular ways is through eco-tours, which offer families diverse flora and fauna observation opportunities while on guided tours of local areas on land or even local waterways.

These tours are offered on various types of boats, from larger airboats to individual kayaks, and they wind through tranquil waters to allow families to experience exciting ecosystems they otherwise couldn’t experience, up close and personal.

mckee botanical gardens

Another hallmark of the Indian River County experience is the privilege of observing sea turtles, as many of the area beaches are nesting grounds for these magnificent, threatened, and even endangered ocean-dwellers.

There are various guide services and other programs that families can coordinate with to get the chance to witness the once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of turtle hatchlings making their perilous journey from nest to sea, providing a unique opportunity for education and entertainment.

If your family is looking for more thrilling, adrenaline-pumping activities, Indian River County has a range of recreational airboat tours through the swampy marshlands.

These tours offer families the chance to spot alligators while watching other wildlife in its natural habitat, while also giving them a heart-pounding ride on the water-skimming, high-speed airboat.

Cultural Experiences

Indian River County offers families a rich array of cultural experiences for families visiting the area, and one of the most beloved is the Riverside Children’s Theatre in Vero Beach, which is a local hub for young enthusiasts of the arts.

There’s also the Vero Beach Museum of Art, which is the largest cultural facility on the Treasure Coast, and has a variety of diverse art galleries and assorted educational programs that cater to kids and families in general.

vero beach art museum

Both of these venues are excellent opportunities for families with children to immerse themselves in a vibrant arts scene, in an educational and enjoyable way and in a relaxed setting.

Other unique cultural experiences for families include the always-magical Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, which is the host of Goofy’s Beachside Character Breakfast, giving families a wonderful blend of entertainment and dining.

Also notable in the area is the McKee Botanical Gardens, where families can explore and appreciate a wide range of local and exotic flora alongside restored architectural treasures in an environment that’s simply serene.

LaPorte Farms in Sebastian gives a rustic cultural touch with their interactive animal experiences and petting farm, which are always a hit with kids.

Family Fun & Games

Sometimes families just need something a little different, and that’s ok, Indian River County got you covered with things like mini-golf, bowling, and several general amusement centers.

Fun City delivers an awesome day of fun with its indoor play area and massive collection of arcade games, making it the perfect spot for a day of family fun and games.

Another great place to fire up a little friendly family competition is Safari Golf & Games, which puts an adventurous spin on the conventional mini-golf experience and sets the course in a unique and entertaining safari-themed environment.


There’s also Vero Bowl for the classic bowling experience, offering families the timeless fun of a few games of bowling, along with an arcade.

While you’re in the area, take a stroll around the Vero Beach Outlets, which hosts a massive range of outlet stores for brand names in high fashion, athletic wear, and much more.

Wrapping Up

Indian River County has a unique blend of natural beauty, rich cultural offerings, and countless ways to have fun, and so many of them are perfect for visiting families.

There’s something for everyone in Indian River County, so there’s no reason not to pack up and hit the road.




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