12 Dog-Friendly Activities on the Treasure Coast

The Treasure Coast is beautiful, but if you’re a dog owner, what good is a beautiful vacation area if there’s nothing to do with your furry friend?

For many people with dogs, they’re our companions, our sidekicks, and finding out there are no dog-friendly activities somewhere we plan to go for vacation can be a deal-breaker.

That’s why we’ve gone through and compiled this list of the top 12 dog-friendly activities on the Treasure Coast that you can do if you’re traveling to or passing through the area.

We also know that you can’t just spend all your time at a handful of dog parks, so we’ve made no small effort to ensure that not only are there various activities you and your canine companion can do, but there are also typically more than one option, so you can change it up if needed.

1. Walton Rocks Off-Leash Public Beach

treasure coast dog beach

Walton Rocks is an off-leash public beach on Hutchinson Island and is one of the best places to get your pup’s zoomies out.

The massive beach spans 24 acres and offers a place where dogs can run and play freely and safely, as they explore the sand and surf.

Walton Rocks is known by locals as a very serene location away from noise, where even the most timid dogs can socialize and play in a low-stress environment.

The beach is open from sunrise to sunset.

2. Poppleton Creek Dog Park

Poppleton Creek Dog Park is a fenced and off-leash-safe dog park that is perfect for owners in the area.

This park is also perfect for owners whose dogs have anxiety or other challenges with dogs of dissimilar sizes, as it has two separate areas for dogs to enjoy, one for large dogs and one for small dogs.

Previously, there was a proposal for a dog cafe that was withdrawn after considerations from nearby clubs and townhomes.

There are benches, shade, and a handy washing station to get your furry friend cleaned up after playtime, as well as the usual waste bags and plenty of garbage cans.

3. Sailfish Brewery

Sailfish Brewing Co. Vero Beach

Sailfish Brewery has the honor of being the very first craft brewery on the Treasure Coast and has been open since 2013, becoming not only a place for brew fans to hang out, but for their dogs as well.

The lively and engaging atmosphere of Sailfish makes everyone feel welcome, and with regular events like Tuesday Night Yoga, Wednesday artist features, and tours of the brewery, entertainment is in no short supply.

It’s a family-friendly place where you can bring your dog, for some food,  games, and a great time.

4. Halpatiokee Regional Park Trails

Halpatiokee Regional Park in Stuart is the largest park in Martin County and is one of the largest area attractions for outdoor enthusiasts and their dogs.

The park offers miles of trails that snake through several diverse ecosystems and is the perfect place for dog owners to get out and explore with their pets, even featuring designated areas for large and small dogs.

5. Hop Life Brewing Company

Hop Life Brewing is one of the more unique microbreweries along the Treasure Coast, and was established by two retired firefighters.

The diverse beer selection has made Hop Life a favorite among enthusiasts, but many people don’t realize that they are also an incredibly dog-friendly venue.

6. Oxbow Eco-Center

Oxbow Eco Center Trees

The Oxbow Eco-Center is a unique blend of an environmental learning center and nature preserve, that’s set on a massive 225-acre site on the north fork of the St. Lucie River, and it’s dog-friendly.

Visitors can immerse themselves in local ecosystems, explore winding trails, and discover highlights of Florida’s natural history on the Florida Heritage Trail.

There is also a botanical garden where butterflies find a safe haven and nourishment, while visitors get to meet live animal ambassadors from the local ecosystems.

7. Second Street Bistro

The Second Street Bistro is a beloved local eatery that also happens to love dogs, which makes it a go-to for local owners who want to grab a bite to eat.

They pride themselves on serving quality food that people love and have a range of delicious offerings.

Notably, the Second Street Bistro has its own Doggie Menu, which includes options like Ham Barker Helper, which is ground beef and white rice mixed together and cooked, and a salmon option that comes with salmon, white rice, and eggs scrambled together.

8. Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens

For dog owners that are looking for a bit of a respite from the constant activity of the Treasure Coast will find that the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens offer an ideal solution.

With well-maintained paths and diverse, beautiful plant collections, it’s the perfect place for a leisurely stroll with your pup, basking in the tranquility of the garden sections.

9. Jonathan Dickinson State Park

jonathan dickinson state park

Jonathan Dickinson State Park is a haven for any dog owner with some of the most diverse landscapes, encompassing not only river swamps but sand pine scrub and flatwoods as well.

Leashed dogs are welcome, and will have a blast walking and and sniffing the seemingly endless trails as you explore the area’s rich array of natural beauty and native wildlife.

10. Lyngate Park & Dog Park

While not the biggest dog part on the Treasure Cost at just three-quarters of an acre, Lyngate Park & Dog Park does have some benefits, particularly if you have a small dog.

Lyngate Park & Dog Park features a separate area for smaller dogs, as well as plenty of shade, benches, agility equipment, and water for pups as well as their people.

11. Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro in St. Lucie West may not seem like a place where people would want to take their dogs on a visit to the Treasure Coast, but you might be surprised at just how perfect it is.

Not only does it allow leashed dogs in to browse with their owners, but there is a vast array of outdoor gear that caters to just about every interest, and it all smells amazing to a dog.

From fishing lures to hunting accessories and target dummies, bringing your furry friend to the Treasure Coast Bass Pro Shops will absolutely blow their mind, and walking them around the massive store will help tire them out as well.

12. Pierced Ciderworks

Pierced Ciderworks in Ft. Pierce stands out as a haven for cider lovers as well as their canine compatriots.

Tucked away in the heart of the Treasure Coast, this unique venue combines the charm of an artisanal cidery with the welcoming ambiance of a neighborhood social hub.

The dog-friendly atmosphere creates the perfect setting to have a few selections from the diverse array of ciders while your pup relaxes and enjoys the attention.

Wrapping Up

The Treasure Coast is an actual paradise, which holds just as true for dog owners as it does for anyone else, and it offers an idyllic blend of sun, sand, and play.

Whether you prefer the spacious freedom of the Walton Rocks off-leash public beach, or the cozy and welcoming ambiance of eateries like Tillman’s Famous BBQ or the Hop Life Brewery, every adventure you take with your furry friend on the Treasure Coast is bound to be a memorable experience.

No matter what your plans are, with this list, you’ll always be able to find a dog-friendly activity to keep you and Fido occupied and enjoying the fun and sun of the Treasure Coast.

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