Save the Kilroys. Save our River.

Save the Kilroys. Save our River.

ORCA needs to  raise the $500,000  to keep them all in the water.

Polluted water continues to pour from Lake Okeechobee into the Indian River Lagoon.  The discharges have led to dying sea grass and murky waters and experts say as the waters heat up, it could get worse. ORCA uses Kilroys to keep track of the conditions and predict what can happen. They got a 2 million dollar state funded grant in 2014 to install 25 Kilroys along the Treasure Coast, but budget cuts by the state threatens to force them to pull at least 15 from the water. Each device costs about $80 thousand plus continued maintenance expenses. They can measure a number of conditions including salinity, nitrogen and phosphorous in real time. In the past, it would need to be done by hand and taken to a lab. Widder says if the funding isn’t found, they will have to remove the 15 kilroys by June.

Here is a video of Dr Widder talking about Kilroy


Kilroy, as you may remember, was also a WWII legend, appearing as a cartoon character mysteriously scrawled here and there. Everywhere you went, “Kilroy was here.” We at ORCA developed this device with the hope that it will soon become as ubiquitous, yet inconspicuous, as Kilroy was. We envision one day hanging our sign above a nation of revitalized and vibrant waters, proudly declaring, ‘Kilroy is here.’

There is was Kilroy located in Sykes Creek, Merritt Island. On March 17, 2016 it showed that dissolved oxygen levels fell below 2 mg/L starting late in the day and continued to below this level until the morning of March 21. Without the Kilroy it would have been impossible to get this incredible data. You can look at the data yourself.
They need to  raise the $500,000  to keep them all in the water.
You can read more about Kilroy here.
You can make a donation here.


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Every city and town along the lagoon needs to step up and support Kilroy. Otherwise all we have is a bunch of propaganda and politics and our lagoon will never heal. I’ll keep everyone updated.




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