Locals vote and work for the water

Locals vote and work for the water

Martin County, Fl- With the primary less than a month away our water is what is on our minds. Some will call us single issue voters. We say fix the water then we can work on every thing else. 

Our water is everything to us. It is what brought us here to begin with. The water is our economy. It is also our hearts. No one moves here without the enjoyment of water first in their minds. Friends that have lived here for a long said it was the closest to the Bahamas that they had seen. When I moved here you could swim in the river without the fear of getting sick. It was heaven. Now it is hell.

You have to ask yourself if water is so important to us why is it not important to our elected officials? Why are they not on the tv every day shouting to the rooftops that we need clean water?

Instead we got filthy dirty stinky water.

The non-profit Bullsugar has developed “clean water” voting guides. 

The local online group #toxic18 had their first Sunday Awareness Walk in Stuart this past Sunday.  While many were downtown enjoying the green market at the Rockin’ Riverwalk concert, this group took the time to talk to people about the algae and the importance of voting.

According to the group “We will walk through the downtown area and make sure people are aware of the algae crisis. Bring signs and be civil. Education is key. Many people have no idea what is going on. Talk to the people. Encourage safety. Encourage voting. If you do not live in the area, start an awareness walk in your area at a place where there will be a good sized group of people.”

The goal is to fix the water once and for all.

The group also put together a survey  

Please take the time to complete it if you are local.

They say they plan to do the same thing every Sunday.

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