Call your elected leaders and tell them to fix the water

Call your elected leaders and tell them to fix the water

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Have you had enough?  This was taken at the Cape Coral Yacht Club boat ramp, just outside where they were meeting with the Army Corp, today 7/31/18. The female that is tied up is dead, they were getting ready to remove her from the water.



#Toxic18 addeed over 1000 new members in response to this. #toxic18 is a local group that have been documenting the algae crisis.

Cristina Maldonado, one of the founders and admin at #toxic18 said this on the groups page.

“It’s been a horrid day for our wildlife. The pictures and videos of the dead manatees have gone viral and we have added over 1000 members today. We welcome all of you to the group. Remember this is mainly a place to document the algae. We also encourage posts about human health, wildlife mortality, and economic loss. Remember if you are a registered Florida voter, your vote is the most important weapon you have. We have posted emails of our representatives on both the east coast and the west coast. Flood their emails, demand change. And if you are watching from afar, thank you for your support, spread the word, and feel free to also write our representatives.”

Call your elected leaders and tell them to fix the water. We have had enough.

East Coast

Senator Joe Negron

Congressman Brian Mast

Mayor AND City of Stuart Commissioners

Go to Administration Tab

Go to City of Commission Tab

Underneath their names and pictures you will find a button to e-mail all of them at once

Martin County Commissioners

Go to Government Transparency Tab

Go to Board of County Commissioners Tab

Click on ANY Commissioner and there will be a button that you can use to send an e-mail to all of them at once


Rick Scott

Senator Lisbeth Benacquisto

Congressman Francis Rooney

Mayor of Fort Myers

Go To Government Tab

Go to Mayor’s Office Tab

Link to E-mail is below his picture on right

Lee County of Commissioners

Go to Commissioners Tab

Click on staff directory…you will have to e-mail them individually

Martin County Board of County Commissioners has calleed a public meeting on Tuesday, August 7 to discuss water quality in Martin County. Read the most recent water quality report and lean more about the public meeting at


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