Animal Recovery Mission

Animal Recovery Mission

At this very moment, October 13, 2015, Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), the Palm Beach

County State Attorneys Office and Palm Beach County law enforcement are striking and raiding

3 illegal animal slaughter farms who are also involved in the underground and highly illegal

slaughter of horses and illegal sales of their meats for human consumption. All farms are located

in Palm Beach County and the greater Wellington area of Florida, ironically known as the

show horse capital of the United States. This will be the largest tactical strike on extreme animal

cruelty operations in United States history.

Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), a Miami based, Non-Profit organization is dedicated to investigating,

exposing and shutting down illegal and extreme animal cruelty operations including

those involved in the black market horse meat trade, such as these. ARM conducted a 6 month

long undercover investigation, revealing some of the most violent acts of animal cruelty occurring

on 3 illegal animal slaughter farms labeled as, “Operation: Rancho Garcia”, “Operation: G.A

Paso Fino” and “Operation Medina Farm”. Undercover footage collected by ARM, exposed ongoings

of illegal horse meat slaughter and sales as well as criminal acts against animals in the

form of inhumane handling, dragging, beating, gutting, boiling, skinning and hoisting animals

alive. These heinous acts resulted in illegal slaughter of animals including horses in exchange

for money and sold for human consumption. Animal Recovery Mission aided in passing “The

Good Horse Slaughter Act” which states that it is a third degree felony for any person to buy,

sell, transport, kill a horse or posses horse meat for human consumption within the state of Florida.

This law is what will make these raids exceptionally significant.

“Operation: Rancho Garcia”, located at 15703 Orange Blvd, Loxahatchee, FL 33470, is

owned by Jorge Garcia, a very well known animal killer, butcherer and a leader of horse meat

supply in the Loxahatchee and greater Wellington areas. Horses slaughtered and meat sold by

Garcia is linked to the black market horse meat trade in Miami, Florida where customers are

traveling from to get their horse meat. He purchases his horses from animal auctions and

craigslist and has been butchering horses and other animals on his property for decades. Garcia

slaughters animals for human consumption and sells animals for black magic and sacrificial

purposes. ARM investigators witnessed and collected undercover footage of Garcia and his

employees selling large amounts of horse meat, violently stabbing pigs in the heart and boiling

them alive, slitting throats of goats and rams before hoisted them by their hind legs then skinning

them alive, and brutally stomping on ducks, slitting their throats and drowning them in their

own blood. Garcia also, uses a section of his property to run puppy mill where he breeds and

sells dogs.

“Operation: G.A Paso Fino”, located at 14873 Collecting Canal Road, Loxahatchee, Florida

33470 sits on a property which conjoins 2 business that work in conjunction with one another.

G.A. Paso Fino consists of the training, breeding and selling of horses for slaughter, and is

owned and ran by Orlando Guzman who works alongside and profits from Edgar Sr. Bica, Edgar

Jr. Bica and another employee, who rent out land in the back of the property. They have operated

the extremely cruel illegal animal slaughter farm for decades and are widely known for killing

and slaughtering horses for meat, supplying the black market demand in the Loxahatchee and

greater Wellington areas. ARM’s investigation of the farm provided criminal evidence of barbaric

and ruthless ways in which chickens, pigs, and goats are brutally tortured and slaughtered by

the employees of the farm. Killing is performed in the same manner as at Rancho Garcia along

with the insane treatment of armadillos who get thrown directly into boiling water, alive. Also on

the slaughter farm is a puppy mill area where puppies are contained in small gages riddled with

excrements and rust and no water available. Cock fighting roosters are kept on site which farm

employees breed and train for animal fights throughout Palm Beach County.

“Operation: Medina Farm” is located at 2151 C. Road, Loxahatchee, Florida 33470 and although

legally incorporated, owner Jay and his employee Jose, are illegally slaughtering and

inflicting some of the cruelest forms of torture upon animals on their farm for decades. ARM investigators

have witnessed and documented extreme acts of animal cruelty such as, slitting

goat’s necks while they are restrained on their backs, forced to suffocate in their own blood, as

well as slitting and severing the throats of cows with extremely dull blades before hoisting them

by their hind legs and skinning them alive, often dragging out their death for over 20 minutes.

The majority of their customers are Muslims, who buy animals to be slaughtered for human

consumption and ritualistic sacrifice.

Right now, all 3 farms are being raided and permanently shut down. Arrests are being made to

the farm owners and their employees and animals are seized and placed in Animal Recovery

Mission’s care.



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