Search Continues for Missing 33-Year-Old Bank Teller

Missing Rachel Crenshaw

Missing Rachel Crenshaw

The Vero Beach community continues to search for answers in the disappearance of a 33-year-old bank teller who walked away without a trace.

After two weeks of searching, police are going back over their findings searching for any clues that could have been missed.

Family and friends remain hopeful that they will find mother of two Rachel Crenshaw, who disappeared shortly before midnight on September 26th after neighbors saw her fighting with her boyfriend outside a home on Flamevine Lane.

Her boyfriend, seen visibly disturbed during a weekend vigil, says he and his young son looked for Crenshaw. When she didn’t return home the following day he reported her missing.

Police are asking anyone with information on Crenshaw’s disappearance to call 911.




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  • Posted 9 years ago

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