3 Teenagers Spray Paint Railroad Cars All Charged With a Felony

Defaced Railroad Cars

Defaced Railroad Cars

Three Broward County teenagers who used spray paint to deface CSX railroad cars in Indiantown, have all been charged with a felony.

Martin County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 16-year old Ryan Nantz, 17-year old Kevin Garajau, and 18-year old Andrew Doak of Pompano Beach, charging them each with felony criminal mischief causing damage of more than $1,000.

Deputies say they found evidence of paint on their hands, cans of spray paint in the vehicle, and cans of spray in a backpack belonging to them.

One of the suspects told deputies that they purchased the spray paint in Lantana, then came to Martin County where they vandalized the train cars.

The teenagers were processed at the Martin County Jail.




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  • Posted 8 years ago

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