More Information on Why a Man Opened Fire in Port St Lucie

Treasure Coast Local Business

Treasure Coast Local Business

Here is more information on why a man opened fire in Port St Lucie, shooting his mother-in-law and estranged wife before shooting himself in the head.

Police say Aundra Allen came to the city from Miami to see his four day old son who was with Allen’s estranged wife.

9-1-1 calls indicate his mother in law, Sheron Thomas ran to a neighbor’s home for help ten houses away after she was shot three times by Allen.

Allen then broke into the home of NW Hann Drive and shot his wife Anika in the back.  The bullet reportedly grazed her sister Sheena Graham. A two year old in the house and the infant were not harmed.

Allen then shot himself in the head.

Anika Allen and Sheron Thomas are expected to recover.

CBS12 Investigates found no restraining order, but Anika Allen had just left the hospital the day before from giving birth.

The family told them off camera that Aundra Allen had been violent with his wife before, but never with a gun.

Aundra Allen was last reported by police to be on life support and is not expected to survive.

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