10 Things to Love About Tradition Port St. Lucie

Tradition Port St. Lucie is a master-planned community in the heart of Florida’s Treasure Coast that is the perfect combination of lush tropical landscapes, modern amenities, and small-town charm.

This unique community is more than just a neighborhood, though, it’s a total living experience that blends the charm of traditional neighborhoods with the conveniences of modern life and contemporary urban living.

Whether you’re looking for a family vacation destination or a traveler looking to book a serene seaside getaway, Tradition in Port St. Lucie offers a wide range of experiences across several distinct areas.

tradition port st lucie

At the core of the appeal of Tradition Port St. Lucie is the highly pedestrian-friendly design that invites residents and visitors alike to take a stroll and explore the picturesque parks, diverse shops and retail spots, delectable dining options, and serene natural waterways.

The overall community focus on accessibility and open spaces fosters a sense of exploration and connection with the landscape.

Bustling festivals bring the community together, while tranquil corners and retreats make the perfect spots for relaxation and calming energy, and all of them are on our list of 10 things to love about Tradition Port St. Lucie, so let’s get exploring.

Tradition Square

fountains at tradition square

Tradition Square is the beating heart of Tradition and Port St. Lucie in general; it’s where the spirit of the community really comes to life.

The square serves as a central gathering or meeting place and is adorned with beautiful coastal architecture and surrounded by lively greenery, crafting a warm and welcoming space for visitors and locals alike.

Tradition Square is the ideal space for countless activities, from relaxed family walks and picnics to outdoor concerts and seasonal festivals, and it offers a sense of togetherness and celebration among residents.

Local Cuisine and Dining Experiences

The culinary scene in Tradition Port St. Lucie is an expansive journey for the taste buds, and the community boasts a wide range of restaurants and cafes, each one offering a unique flavor and atmosphere.

From cozy spots that serve up the hearty breakfasts and bold coffee that locals love, to elegant eateries and gourmet dishes that are perfect for celebrating any event or having a romantic dinner, there are plenty of options to satisfy every craving. You’ll find some great spots in Tradition that are real hidden gems in St. Lucie County, that are sometimes overlooked but worth the trip.

As Tradition Port St. Lucie is so close to the Intracoastal, the local cuisine reflects a fusion of global influences and fresh seafood offerings, blended with classic American fare, so residents and visitors always have multiple options for a quick bite, a quiet dinner, or a celebratory night out with family, neighbors, and friends.

Plenty of Convenient Amenities Amenities

tradition hospital cleveland clinic

If you’re looking for relaxation, convenience, and luxury, Tradition has them in abundance, offering several spas, health and wellness centers performing a range of treatments. Locals can take advantage of the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Hospital at Tradition, just off Village Parkway.

Golf courses nearby offer a challenge as well as a peaceful escape, and there are also day cares, schools, and major retailers all within walking distance of each other.

Shopping at Boutique Stores and Outdoor Markets

Shopping in Tradition Port St. Lucie is an experience not to be missed, and the retail offerings of the community range from quaint boutiques to bustling outdoor markets, with each providing visitors with a unique and eclectic look into the local culture and spirit of the coast.

From unique souvenirs to high-fashion apparel to kitschy handcrafted goods, the shops in Tradition cater to just about every style and preference under the sun, while the outdoor markets are the perfect place to pick up crafts for fresh seafood and produce.

Full Calendar of Events and Festivals

Tradition port st lucie Tree Lighting Ceremony

You know by now that Tradition Port St. Lucie is a hub of local activity, and as such, it has a community calendar stuffed full of events and festivals that cater to all ages and are happening constantly, year-round.

For many of these, Tradition Square becomes the stage for everything from food festivals to cultural events and even live music events, with many of these gatherings providing entertainment as well as drawing the community closer together. Each Sunday, visitors and residents gather at the Tradition Neighborhood Market where local goods and produce can be traded and enjoyed.

From the joy of a holiday parade to the excitement of a summer music festival, there’s always something fun happening in Tradition.

Nature and Outdoor Adventures

oxbow eco center port st lucie

Tradition is surrounded by native landscapes and offers a plethora of outdoor activities. Within five or ten minutes, you can drive to some of the top Port St. Lucie parks to get out and enjoy the local flora and fauna.

The Oxbow Eco-Center is nearby, as are various hiking trails that all provide the perfect escape into nature, allowing visitors to engage in active bird watching, nature photography, or just a nice leisurely walk among the eye-catching greenery.

Those who want a little bit more excitement in their adventures can take part in opportunities for kayaking, fishing, or taking one of the many boat tours in the area that get you right up close to the coastal ecosystems. There are some spectacular beaches near Port St. Lucie that are around a thirty minute drive from Tradition for a quick day trip on the sand.

Water Activities and River Lilly Cruises

Tradition offers a number of water-based activities that take advantage of the nearby pristine waterways to create the perfect setting for boating, fishing, or just enjoying the scenic beauty of the coastal environment.

One of the highlights is the River Lilly Cruises, which offers a unique experience allowing guests to explore local waterways and observe diverse flora and fauna.

These cruises offer an intimate look at Florida’s natural habitats, making them a must-do for anyone from the experienced angler to the casual nature lover.

Family-Friendly Attractions

There’s no question that Tradition Port St. Lucie is a haven for families that enjoy doing activities together.

Nature lovers will adore the botanical gardens, while sports enthusiasts can take in a St. Lucie Mets baseball game, and the whole family can enjoy recreation, walks, and picnics at the countless parks, preserves, and of course – beaches.

Tradition Port St. Lucie is about more than just entertainment, it’s about creating unforgettable memories with loved ones, while also providing enriching educational insights.

st lucie mets field

Interactive and Educational Experiences

Tradition is also a local spot for interactive and educational experiences that engage visitors of all ages to make education more fun. Those experience are growing every month and year as more development goes on in the distric.

The Eco-Center offers guided tours that are not only fascinating but informative as well, providing unique insights into the wildly diverse local ecosystems. Also nearby is Spruce Bluff Preserve, where you can explore nearly 100 acres of marsh & scrub land.

There are also countless opportunities for wildlife encounters, science and art workshops, and other experiences designed to entertain and educate.

Cultural and Historical Exploration

heart sculpture tradition port st lucie

Rendering of world’s tallest heart sculpture coming to Tradition in Port St. Lucie.

One thing Tradition Port St. Lucie is not short on, and that’s history and cultural sites, all of which offer visitors the chance to dig into the area’s rich heritage on land and at sea.

Museums and historical attractions provide unique glimpses through time, while art galleries and cultural centers celebrate the creativity and diversity of local and regional artists.

These experiences offer a way for visitors to connect with Tradition Port St. Lucie on a deeper level, getting a better understanding of the vibrant beachside community and its roots.

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up our list of ten delightful aspects of Tradition Port St. Lucie, it’s evident that this vibrant coastal community offers more than your typical vacation destinations, bringing not only the leisure and adventure but the charm and small-town atmosphere that makes it so inviting.

From the charming streets of Tradition Square to the tranquil embrace of nature, every inch of this community tells a colorful story of community connection, natural discovery, and sheer, unbridled joy.

So as you plan your next vacation or consider a new location to explore, we hope you’ll think about the diverse, captivating experiences that are all just waiting for you in Tradition Port St. Lucie.

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