Where to Find Live Music in Stuart, Florida

Welcome to Stuart, Florida, a beautiful seaside town where the rhythm of the waves is the natural backdrop for the beats of a quirky and ubiquitous live music scene.

Sitting along picturesque waterways, live music in Stuart conveys an eclectic scene that resonates through the city’s venues and streets.

From the jazz aficionado to the rock enthusiast, or anyone who just wants to sway the night away to some tunes, the diverse and exciting variety of live music in Stuart, FL is a feast for the senses.

You’ll find the best places to hear coastal melodies floating on the ocean air, while you immerse yourself in the rich Treasure Coast culture and history.

We’re going to take you on a tour of the leading venues where you can find live music in Stuart so that if you’re in town and looking for a musical experience, you’ll already have the perfect resource.

We’ve got cozy coffee bars and lively local taverns, waterfront dining venues, and bustling neighborhood grills, and they’ve all got their spin on the Stuart live music experience.

These are the places where music comes alive to create some of the most unforgettable evenings under the Florida sky.

Terra Fermata

Location: 26 SE 6th St

terra fermata stuart fl

While Terra Fermata is a music venue, it’s also so much more than that.

This is an enchanting garden oasis that blends live tunes and natural settings, to create a beautifully laid-back, outdoor space.

An ideal place to unwind, you can also catch acts that range from local bands to big names, on a stage that just never seems to be empty.

The charm doesn’t stop at the musical offerings either, there’s a cool rustic theme and gorgeous tropical landscaping that craft the ultimate backdrop for any and every performance.

Carsons Tavern

Location: 2883 SE Ocean Blvd

Carson's Tavern Stuart

Carson’s Tavern has been a staple in Stuart’s live music scene for years, and it offers visitors a warm blend of hospitality and lively entertainment.

The inviting atmosphere makes it a popular gathering spot for those hoping to find a night of good tunes and great company, and with music that ranges from classic rock to contemporary hits, that certainly isn’t hard to find.

You’ll find primarily local bands and artists here, but they all know how to keep the energy high, so the spirit of the place is always great.

Additionally, the cozy decor and extensive menu offerings make this a great place to plant yourself for the whole evening.

Sailor’s Return

Location: 625 SW Anchorage Way

Sailors Return Stuart

Sailor’s Return is a unique waterfront restaurant that frequently features live music that beautifully enhances the already soothing atmosphere.

This place stands out with a view that’s better than most, being that it’s in a marina with a stunning waterfront position, which gives it the perfect visual backdrop for an evening of great music.

The live music at Sailor’s Return will typically range in genres, and with ample space not only for live bands but for dancing and socializing, it’s no surprise that Sailor’s Return has become so popular among the locals for live music.

Side Door Jazz Club

Location: 2196 SE Ocean Blvd

side door jazz club stuart florida

When you aren’t looking for a lively dockside jam, but a more subdued, upscale musical experience, the Side Door Jazz Club is known for its low-key speakeasy-style atmosphere and live jazz performances.

The club is known for featuring performances from national artists like the Billy Cofrances Quartet, Mickey Freeman Quartet, and Maurice Frank, while visitors can enjoy a wide range of cocktails and a specialized bourbon bar, all while tapping their wingtips to the warm jazz tones.

They are only open Tuesdays and Thursdays, but if you’re looking for a unique and sophisticated jazz experience, this is the place you need to be.

Sneaki Tiki

Location: 211 S Colorado Ave #1

Sneaki Tiki is a kitschy place known for the typical tiki atmosphere and vibrant live music offerings.

They offer visitors the chance to have the Florida tiki bar experience, without the more rowdy environments often associated with those places.

The atmosphere is laid-back, while still having that taste of tropical flair, and while it’s currently empty, they do list upcoming musical acts on their website.

Stuart Riverwalk Stage

Location: 201 SW St Lucie Ave

rock'n riverwalk stuart fl

The Stuart Riverfront Stage is one of the most central elements of the Stuart live music scene and is responsible for hosting the weekly “Rock’n Riverwalk” concert series, where every Sunday there is a diverse offering of live music.

Some of the genres represented include rock, blues, country, R&B, and of course, reggae, and while the events are free, they are typically supported by donations and fundraising.

TideHouse Waterfront

Location: 915 NW Flagler Ave

tidehouse restaurant

The TideHouse Waterfront is known for its location overlooking the Harborage Marina and Yacht Club, and it typically features a wide range of musical genres including surf rock, roots, reggae, Latin, acoustic, and jam band music.

The setting is a beautiful waterfront location, so visitors can lose themselves in the scenery while having a drink and letting the music carry them off to another place.

coffee bar Blue Door

Location: 38 SE Osceola St

Coffee Bar Blue Door Stuart

Coffee Bar Blue Door is a cozy, inviting little place that is obviously a stellar place for coffee, but they also frequently feature musical performances in their courtyard.

The setting is that of a lively neighborhood coffee bar, and the performances are typically local acts, acoustic performances, and independent artists.

The atmosphere is incredibly relaxed and friendly, making it the perfect spot to unwind, take in a local performance, and enjoy an expertly made cup of coffee, and the warm ambiance will keep you coming back again and again.

Charlie’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill

Location: 400 SE Parrot Cir

charlies restaurant stuart florida

Charlie’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill is a spot known for hosting lively events, while also being casual and friendly.

This spot is a local go-to for an enjoyable evening out where you can enjoy a range of musical offerings from live music staples to modern hits and covers.

This is a great place when you’re looking for an affordable place to meet some friends or family while you grab a cold drink and soak up the Florida evening.

Wrapping Up

We all knew at some point that we’d have to wrap up this tour and say our goodbyes but as our whirlwind look at live music venues in Stuart, Fl. comes to a close there’s no doubt that Stuart is more than just a beautiful vacation spot with breathtaking scenery and an idyllic setting.

Stuart is a living, breathing, source of vibrancy for the local population, and this hub of local live music perfectly captures and preserves the spirit of coastal, waterfront Florida.

Whether you find your joy in the smooth improv of the Side Door Jazz Club, the tropical vibes of Sneai Tiki, or the soulful strumming at the Stuart Riverfront Stage, there’s a venue for all tastes in this town, and that’s one of the countless things that make it great.

Remember that each visit to Stuart brings something new, so as you reflect on the memories of this trip, know that next time you’ll be able to experience even more locations, all with the same welcoming atmosphere that you’ve come to know and love about this town.

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