Write in for the River: Write in Chase Lurgio

After the primary I wrote in depth about Chase Lurgio, the person who closed our election in Martin County so we could not vote for Jacqui Thurlow Lippish who is the most qualified person to help move forward to the next step in stopping the discharges and saving the river. She did not lose by much but she lost because the race was closed. It’s a dirty trick played before in this race with the same opponent. We need to show the world that we cannot have these dirty tricks anymore.


Election Depression: We must get rid of the “write in candidate” option

I was really having  a hard time moving past this. After I wrote the piece I got multiple emails and messages about the thuggery that goes on.   I heard from people that have lived here a long time. I just got more and more depressed because everything I loved about my Martin County was destroyed by some very ugly people who call themselves leaders in the Community.

Some of us started talking about writing Chase Lurgio privately and sharing with out friends but apparently we’re not the only ones really bothered by this.

A angel has stepped forward with the campaign. Chase Lurgio, honey, you want to be commissioner by golly we are gonna make sure you are! THIS is the Martin County I know and love.


So please write him in.

Here is the info!

Write In for the River

You can go to the website for more information, request a yard sign, let them know you vote for Chase and  and much more.

Write in for the River Facebook Page

Write in for the River Twitter Page



There was even an article on Yahoo Finance

Florida Write-in Loophole Ploy Puts 18-year-old in an Election He Plans to Lose

Just before the June 24th, 2016 deadline, high school student Chase Lurgio filed as a write-in candidate for the District 1 seat as a Martin County Commissioner, closing the primary to only Republican voters and shutting out 49% of all Martin County voters.  The August primary race between incumbent Doug Smith and new-comer, Sewall’s Point commissioner and river advocate Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch, was tight, with Smith winning by just 677 votes. Now, only Mr. Smith’s name will appear on the November 8th ballot and only voters who actually “write-in” Chase Lurgio’s name can cast a vote for him.

Election Depression: We must get rid of the "write in candidate" option

Election Depression: We must get rid of the “write in candidate” option

A private, Martin County resident founded The River Guardian LLC. The resident is supporting the campaign to make a point about the questionable ethics involved in using the write-in strategy to shut out voters and believes that the existing County Commission has not done enough to support the health of our waterways.  The resident believes that Chase Lurgio’s campaign is a sham since no effort has been made to communicate his ideas or raise funds for awareness. The resident is not and has not been a candidate for the Martin County Commission and has no business or other financial interests in Martin County.

I will updating this page as we go along so please check back.

Thank you river Guardian you have restored my faith!

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