Window blinds: Choose what works best for you and your space

Both variety and choice are fundamental expectations nowadays, especially when we talk about home décor and accessories. As far as window treatments are concerned, the variety is endless these days. Whether you’re looking for blinds, shades, shutters, or you’d like to stick with the traditional curtains for your home, the key piece of the puzzle is to pick a style first. Decide on the fabric that best fills up your space, and it will be easier for you to select a pattern or color afterwards.

The basics

In home décor, the term “blind” refers to hard window treatment made of vanes or slats. These are adjustable using a manual pull cord, remote control, or wand. What we love most about blinds is that we can alter the amount of light and clarity that goes into our homes. When they’re stacked, or pulled up, the window view is unobstructed and we can enjoy as much natural as possible.

As far as slat width is concerned, it’s up to you to decide. In general, there are three standard sizes available: half inch, one inch, and two inches. The most popular is the ½ inch slat because it makes homes feel more contemporary. The blind version that’s 1 inch takes less manufacturing labor, so don’t be surprised to see that the price is a bit higher. Homeowners who want their spaces to have that Venetian-like style should go with the 2-inch slats. As afar as position is concerned, either horizontal or vertical should work just fine. But then again, it purely a matter of preference.


Vertical vs. horizontal blinds

Vertical blinds are more suitable for winder windows or slinging glass doors. They’re easier to staff to the side rather than pull up at the top of a window. If you want to make an impression, go with vertical blinds. The commercial appeal is more striking, not to mention that they add height to your room. In modern environments, they’re more than recommended, but experts don’t advise them in cottage-like room decors.


On the other hand, we have vertical blinds. This classic model is suitable in the bedroom, sunroom and bathroom because they have an intimate, catchy feel. You can’t go wrong with these blinds, not to mention that they’re excellent in smaller sized rooms of the house. Go for neutral colors, so that you can decorate your place the way you see fit.

Wood blinds

Another excellent choice for ingenious homeowners is wood blinds. They’ve become extremely popular in the past few years, and some varieties are made of organic or eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo or recycled wood. Their main benefit is the cost, which is more convenient compared to the traditional type of window blinds. Excellent in kitchens and bathrooms, these have a modern, urban allure you’re appreciate in your home.

Wood blinds demand little maintenance. They’re easy to clean and perform really well in moist areas of the home. Considering their increased resistance to temperature changes, wood blinds are durable and long-lasting. The variety of models and colors is endless, although the best nuance is dark brown. It has a unique, special feel that will change your room’s décor and general vibe.

Woven woods

Country-like homes should incorporate woven woods. These are not blinds, but shades. Soft and made of different fabrics, woven woods are manufactured from a hard material. They’re available in different styles, including bamboo, reeds, grass and jute. Bamboo is both sustainable and durable, and shades made from this material bring a distinct organic texture into any room of your home. The end result is a room with a comfortable and relaxed feel. Woven woods go well in homes with a country urban décor. They filter natural light, creating an intimate atmosphere that’s both soothing and cozy.


Choosing blinds for your home can be challenging. There are so many different fabrics and styles out there, that it’s often difficult to make a choice. Think outside the box and decide on blinds with a special allure. You home will look fabulous!




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