Port St. Lucie woman arrested for burglarizing neighbor’s home

On November 30, 2016,  Port St. Lucie Police arrested Sherry Renee Logiudice for burglary and attempted grand theft after she was found in her neighbor’s house rummaging through the closet.

On Wednesday, November 20, 2016 at around 7:30 am, Port St. Lucie went to the 2200 block of SE Mandrake Circle for reports of a burglary in progress.  Once police arrived on scene they found Logiudice inside the victim’s house.  During the investigation police learned that another neighbor of the victim saw Logiudice walk to the rear of the victim’s house.  The neighbor watching the house went to the rear of the house and noticed the rear sliding door was open.  He went inside the house and saw Logiudice inside rummaging through the master bedroom closet.


Clothes on the floor

The neighbor called the victim who is out of town in Manatee County.  The victim told the neighbor that Logiudice is not suppose to be in the house and she subsequently called the police.  Police arrived on scene and found Logiudice inside the house.  During the investigation police found a pile of the victim’s clothes by the front door.  Police also found that the victim’s closet had been rummaged through with a several pieces of clothing off their hangers on the floor of the closet.

Police arrested Logiudice for burglary and attempted grand theft.  While searching through the pile of clothes by the front door police located a BB gun rapped in an article of clothing.

the bb gun

the bb gun


Logiudice was taken to the St. Lucie County for booking.

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