Tricia Todd Investigation Update May 28, 2016

Tricia Todd Investigation Update May 28, 2016

Some remains have been found.

Investigators released the arrest affidavit and the missing persons report in connection with the Tricia Todd murder investigation. According to the report, Williams dropped their daughter off with a babysitter on the morning of April 27th, just hours after a surveillance camera showed a smiling Todd shopping at Publix.


Tricia Todd Investigation Update May 28, 2016

Tricia Todd Investigation Update May 28, 2016

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office believes Williams killed Todd within hours of that shopping trip. The Sheriff’s Office said it first received a report of a missing woman on April 28th, after Todd failed to pick up her daughter from the babysitter.  Martin County Deputies tirelessly combed surveillance video from businesses between the home rented by Williams and Todd’s home in Hobe Sound. The video showed a car similar to Todd’s being driven out of Poinciana Gardens at 1:10 a.m. and returning at 1:29 a.m. Three hours later investigators say a person is seen walking north, away from Todd’s home and into the Poinciana Gardens neighborhood. Investigators noted in the report the figure had characteristics similar to Stephen Williams and wore a dark-colored shirt, light pants, dark footwear and a dark colored backpack.

Mr Williams was the last person to see Tricia alive. Her disappearance was April 27th. Detectives had collected hundreds hours of video captured from cameras mounted on private homes an businesses near Tricia’s home and the area the police knew her to be last seen.

Steven Williams was arrested for her murder  (You can read arrest affidavit there.)

Tricia Todd Investigation Update May 28, 2016

Tricia Todd Investigation Update May 28, 2016

After collecting compelling evidence that conflicted with Williams’ initial statements, Martin County Detectives traveled to North Carolina to re-interview Williams. Steven Williams willingly spoke to detectives and members of the state attorney’s office and agreed to come back to Florida.

He confessed to killing Tricia and was charged with second degree murder and child neglect. Initially, he refuses to tell sheriff’s officials where her body was located. Meanwhile volunteers and police continued to search for her in the original 15 mile radius.

Steven Williams then made a deal with the State’s Attorney office that he would lead them to Tricia’s body in exchange for second degree murder and  35 years in prison. Let’s also remember that he is under the Code of Military Conduct and we have no idea how that will come down.

So at this point they have Steven Williams is in custody but no one knows what happened to Tricia’s Body. The Martin County Sheriff through it’s incredible diligence under leadership of Sheriff William Snyder had a very strong circumstantial case. The confession was what they needed to make the case strong. The video collected into evidence  showed that Williams was driving Tricia’s car. At this point evidence pointed at a very strong case of second degree murder.

As part of the plea deal, he agreed to lead MCSO and members of the state attorney’s office to the site of Tricia’s body, located deep inside the Hungryland State Preserve off of Pratt Whitney Rd.

Tricia Todd Investigation Update May 28, 2016

Part of Tricia’s remains were found in a plastic container filled with some kind of acid. There were also reactions from the cadaver dogs  at burn sites close. Sheriff Snyder said during the press conference that they were going to look into this as it could contain other important evidence.

Martin County fire working in Hazmat suits to recover the remains of Tricia Todd


Martin County fire working in Hazmat suits to recover the remains of Tricia Todd

Martin County fire working in Hazmat suits to recover the remains of Tricia Todd

At this point it is becoming increasing clear this crime was premeditated. The Sheriff thinks the holes were dug ahead of time. He thinks the sulfuric acid was out there ahead of time. He thinks she was killed with a chainsaw. No one felt at that point that they had everything. The sheriff’s office still continued to search for the rest of Tricia’s remains.

The Sheriff and Assistant State Attorney Tom Bakkedahl talked about going back to the judge to change the plea since they feel that Williams did not give them all the information needed to find Tricia’s remains. He said in a press conference that everything Steven Williams said were lies and manipulations. The State’s Attorney office worked with the family when they were putting the deal together so it would lead to Tricia remains. The plea deal was to take law enforcement to Tricia’s body.  They feel that he lied by omission. The states attorney said that Williams said he felt justified in doing what he did and then he said “What does it say about someone to do this to the mother of their child?” This was tough all around for the sheriff, the states attorney and the family.

A Forensic team came out the next day from Florida Gulf Coast University to help with the excavation as well as the entire Martin county criminal investigation team. Cadaver dogs continued their work. The scene was more extensive then first thought. The goal continues to be the recovery of evidence and the recovery of Tricia’s remains. Sheriff Snyder said that he thought Steven Williams was out there for quite some time because the cadaver dogs were alerting them.

In the divorce affidavits it was said that Steven William said that Tricia could “Poof! Disappear! ” and that Williams had killed Tricia’s dog by drowning.

It would be great if the Military could intervene to see if they can reason with Williams to get all the information.

The family had put out multiple press releases. You can find those and leave a message for them on the Search for Tricia Facebook Page.

There is a crowdwise account set up for Tricia’s daughter Faith.

Police and Volunteers still searching for Tricia

Police and Volunteers still searching for Tricia

As of today the MCSO has called off the search. We can hope that Steven Williams will come to his senses and will stop being so cruel and playing these games and let  her family know what he did with her.

Hopefully , he will remember that he has a daughter and will have to deal with her one day when she gets older.

Steven Williams remains in the Martin County Jail on suicide watch.

Williams will go before a judge on June 24 for sentencing.

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