Large Algae Bloom growing in Lake O

Large Algae Bloom growing in Lake O

A large algae bloom is growing in Lake Okeechobee.

Stretching over 33 miles in the southern portion of the lake, tests are being done now to determine if the bloom is toxic or not.

Right now 420 million gallons of water are released from the lake and into our waters every day. A green foam was visible in the C-44 canal just outside the Port Mayaca Lock and Dam Wednesday afternoon.

Large Algae Bloom growing in Lake O

Large Algae Bloom growing in Lake O

The water was clear on Thursday, but there was still remnants of the foam on the shoreline yesterday. Current discharges are planned to continue until May 20th.

In an article called

The Unlikely Source of Alzheimer’s (And How To Avoid It)

“This study takes a leap forward in showing causality — that BMAA causes disease,” Dr. Deborah Mash, director of the University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank and co-author of the current study, said in a statement. “The tangles and amyloid deposits produced were nearly identical to those found in the brain tissue of the Pacific Islanders who died from the Alzheimer’s-like disease.”

Dr Deborah Mash is an esteemed scientist and director of the Brain Bank. She has been studying brains for decades. I cite her because my parents knew her personally and told me what an amazing and dedicated person she was in the field of studying the brains of schizophrenics. #science

Here is Mark Perry talking about the discharges Aug 3, 2013. He told us about the danger of toxic algae then.

Meanwhile Big Sugar is playing games  with our brains. With our lives.  Instead of helping to deal with issue they are spending money running millions of dollars worth of tv and newspaper ads.

While all this goes on they are getting millions in subsidies that we pay for thru our taxes. I think they have too much money. They have enough money to totally ignore the health issues that is the end result of their pollution.

Any law maker that has been ignoring us needs to go. They allowed this to happen to us. The Florida legislature allowed this to happen to us.  The SFWMD has allowed this to happen to us. They allowed the water in the rim canals before they flooded. They allowed the water level to stay high. They were complicit. Rick Scott has allowed this to happen. Poor management Rick! Would you hire an attorney to be a pharmacist?  No? So don’t appoint one to be a hydrologist and put our water in the hands of someone that does not have a clue.

It’s enough.

The Kilroys have been saved until June 17th. According to DEP Deputy Drew Bartlett they have plenty of data on whats happening the water.  Really? Then why are you not doing anything about it?  Only in Florida under Rick Scott can you say “Meh. We knows whats going on we choose not to address it.”

We fix this by standing together as a group of citizens.

You can be the  best pro lagoon citizen in the world and unless these discharges stop then nothing else really matters.

We need everyone to be 100 percent and fix the problem. That means everyone on all sides.

We knew way back there were health issues because we all got sick when we were near the lagoon. I got sick a few weeks ago just standing on a pier shooting the oyster restoration. I went home and vomited all afternoon.  When we had green toxic algae a few years ago I had headaches for weeks. (I’m not a headache person or one to get sick easily)

When I first moved here I was told two things:

This is a complicated issue

It will never get fixed because of people’s egos.

The first is really not true. You need to learn, read and pay attention. The second could be true but I really hope… no I pray that every one will give up those egos and come together to fix these issues. I also hope if you don’t understand this issue that you will take the time to learn about it.

Here are some great sources of information.

The Indian Riverkeeper

Eye on Miami

River of Light

and of course us here at because we are dedicated to this issue of fixing our Indian River Lagoon.

Please also be aware of propaganda sources and if you have any questions about an article please feel free to email me at

Florida Oceanographic Society Water Quality report today includes this information:

We have received reports of diseased fish in the river and ask that you report any sightings to the FWC Hotline ( ) and contact FOS (phopkins@

Also, bluegreen algae has been reported in Lake O. and the C-44 canal. Although unconfirmed it may be Microcystis which under the right conditions can produce a toxin. Sampling and testing is being undertaken. Again please report any suspicious sightings to :

Jordan Skaggs (FDEP Environmental Specialist III), O: 772-467-5579,
Please cc Kalina Warren O: 407-897-4177,
Dianne Hughes ( Martin County and
Pam Hopkins ( FOS Water Quality Coordinator would also be interested in details of any sightings.






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