The Anywhere, Anytime Dynamic Quad Press


The anywhere, anytime dynamic quad press

By: Dr. Mark Wiley

No time, no equipment and no place to exercise? Not anymore!

Exercises where you engage the entire body, or at least many of your major and minor muscle groups, are the way to go when time is limited. Using bodyweight exercises are the cheapest way to go, and the most convenient because you can do them anywhere, anytime. The quad press is one such exercise that allows you to experience a great whole body workout without the need for equipment or a lot of time.

What is a quad press?

A quad press is somewhat similar to a push up, but a bit more challenging as it develops your upper and lower body at the same time. You work your triceps and quadriceps at the same time, as well as core stabilization and coordination in movement. It is quite tiring because you engage many muscles at the same time.

Quad press exercises are dynamic and the three shown here by Alan Orr will boost your arm, leg and core strength in just a few minutes per day.

How to do the quad press

You begin on all fours, like a push up, but then step your legs forward so your knees bend and move toward your chest. Keep your back in the neutral position and your heels up off the floor.

From here, you want to simultaneously bend your knees and your elbows so your body lowers as a unit toward to the floor. Your back remains in the neutral position throughout the down and up movements; there is no leaning. Try to do 3 sets of 10.

Avoid these common posture mistakes

Do not merely try to touch your head to the floor. That would be a shoulder press, or pushup that places the load (your body weight) onto your shoulders. To prevent this, don’t tip your head downward or begin from a position wherein your hips are too high, making you look like a mountain peak. Rather, keep your back straight in a neutral position and head in line, and let the elbow and knee joints lead the movements.

If too difficult, go isometric

If you find the quad press too difficult to do, or that you are not strong enough yet to do 3 sets of 10, then you can use its mid position to develop isometric strength first.

From the starting position, you can lower to half way and hold for a count of 10 or 20 seconds, and then return to starting position. Repeat several times as you are able. This isometric hold will develop strength in the position at various points along the path of movement and prepare you to soon be able to do the full quad press.

The lower you hold yourself, the more difficult the isometric exercise is. So begin with a slight bend in your arm and knee and then progress over time to deep and deeper bends, while holding each position for as long as you can.

Isotonic pulses work, too

You can also get into position and lower half way and then pulse up and down a short distance at a steady pace. The video shows you how. You will notice a springy feeling in your joints that helps you get used to using your muscle and joints together as a team, in moving your body. This can make the quad press workout more dynamic.

If you want a great full body workout that builds strength and dynamic balance, these three quad press exercises will do the trick. Give them a try!
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