Sunshine State Superkids coming to Melbourne

On November 19th, there will be a special soap box derby race with special needs children. Special Races with special needs children is our motto. This event is a Toys for Tots event. The Marines will be at this event to help gather the toys. We are asking all who attend to bring a new unwrapped toy for the children in the area.
Sunshine State Superkids is a non-profit organization that puts on races for the community. We have 2 seat cars that we will use for the children from the area, 10-18 years old, to drive for the special needs children, 7-18 years old. Our events are totally FREE to all who attend. We would not be able to this without the help of great sponsors. At this time, we do not have any sponsors for this event, but are looking for sponsorship help. This the third event of the year. We have done events is Orlando and Winter Garden. When we are done here in Melbourne, Sunshine State Superkids are on the way to Plant City, then Kissimmee and Sarasota.
We have Hostess and Entenmann’s supplying breakfast. Niagara Bottling will supply water. We will also have pizza for lunch from a couple of the local pizza places (Wagon Wheel Pizza, Dominos and Papa Johns). All the children will go home with some kind of token for the day, from trophies, to medals, to plaques.
The event will be held at Imagine Charter School, 3355 Imagine Way, West Melbourne. The school has given us the usage of the property to hold this event. We are asking the children to be at the site around 8 am and looking to start the event at 9am. Depending on the number of children that come out to be part of this event, we should be done between 2pm and 4pm.
We have gone to The Haven for Children and they are going to bring a bunch of their children to be drivers. Then the rest of the drivers are coming from the children in the area that have shown interested in being part of this event. These are not children that are special needs.
The special needs Children are coming from several groups and schools in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area. We have passed out over 400 flyers to the local groups in the area. These children will be from all different spectrum’s of disabilities. We are doing all this for them. We have gone as far to have extra wheelchairs on hand, in case the child is not able to walk and we can get them from one end of the track to other.
Sunshine State Superkids has also contacted the local High Schools and College Internship Program for volunteers. We are always looking for help for the events, at this time there are only 4 of us to put these events on. If you are looking for community service hours, come out and have fun with the children.
If you are interested in sponsoring, volunteering or even have a child that would like to be part of this event, feel free to contact us: email: or call 352-988-5449. If you want to see more go to website: .
Remember This Day Is FREE to All!

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