Staying Open For Business During a Roof Replacement

By Stephanie Davis for Alliance Group roofing and general contractors.

At one point or another, many business owners are faced with having to replace, repair or update parts of their building in order to continue to operate in a safe or more appealing manner. You want to know “how much will this construction project affect my business?”. With good preparation and a quality construction team, a business can stay open with minimal interruption and liability.

A Quality Contractor
When working with any construction professional, you should always do your own background research. Finding examples of past work may help determine if the contractor is a good fit for your project. You wouldn’t want to hire a company with little to no experience in commercial projects to take on a large business complex. Make sure those candidates are licensed in the areas they advertise to work in, such as being licensed for both general contracting and roofing in the state of Florida. A reputable contractor will also be properly insured and go through all OSHA safety guidelines to ensure the well-being of everyone on site. Every roof replacement project is different, so it’s crucial to hire a team that is prepared, experienced, and can assess your unique situation.

If the amount of time spent closed for roof repairs is of great concern for you, consider roof coatings. The process of installing foam and/or silicone roof coating takes less time than a tear off. Roof coating is a cost efficient option with long lasting results. Unless the damage to your roof is too severe, this roofing option will expedite the on-site process. If roof coating is not a viable option for you, consider scheduling the roof repair project during a time when business slows down. Off seasons depend on the industry, but generally, Florida businesses slow down during the summer. Depending on the size of the project, you may be able to have your roof replaced over the span of a weekend!

Post Notices
With an anticipated repair date, alert the staff and customers of the construction date ahead. Include paths to alternative entries/exists and caution notices. Post signs in visible locations, share on social media or even send out a newsletter if it’s applicable to your business. Giving your customer base a heads up limits surprise inconveniences, announces you are still open for business, and reassures the business will be back to normal shortly.

Dust Control
A roof repair or replacement on its own shouldn’t cause dust in your interior unless the ceiling also has to be replaced. If your building is occupied during construction, change out air filters as often as needed during the process. During a project, any affected interior construction zones will be sealed off with plastic sheets, but a minimal amount of dust still has the possibility of escaping. Using a HEPA filter will be most beneficial to the air quality. Individuals with allergies and other environmental sensitivities will appreciate this measure.

Secure the Perimeter
Evacuate the parking lot within the area where windswept spray or construction dust material from the roof is possible. Contractors will have car covers available for vehicles that cannot be moved for whatever reason. The best plan of action to protect vehicles is to move them away from the affected parking lots. Restrict access to loading zones for the purpose of lifting materials to the roof. Your roofing company will already have this under control, but it’s a good idea to be aware of and help enforce restricted areas on your property.

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