Sunland Pest Control owner and employee headed to jail

Sunland Pest Control owner and employee headed to jail

The two defendants in a fumigation incident tied to Sunland Pest Control that sickened a young boy are going to prison.

A judge sentenced company owner Grenale Williams and employee Canarie Curry to one year in prison.

Sunland Pest Control is the company contracted by Terminix to spray Peyton McCaughey’s home in Palm City for termites on August 14.

The fumigation left the 10-year-old boy with brain damage. The business has since been shut down.

The misdemeanor sentence for both Williams and Curry was part of a plea deal accepted by prosecutors due to the fact that they believed there was no malicious intent.

The judge said had the case gone to trial and they were convicted, Williams and Curry would’ve faced more time in prison.


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  • Posted 8 years ago

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