Staying Mentally Healthy until the Election

I can’t  the stand suspense. Early voting starts soon. There is so much stress especially with TV commercials every five minutes and then our Facebook feeds are filled with thing we never thought our friends would say.

Here at TreasureCoast we believe you should vote for whomever your want for President and have really tried to focus on the local contests.

A new survey shows that this presidential campaign is taking a toll on American workers. Doctor David Ballard with the American Psychological Association says the survey found that one-in-four workers said they’ve been negatively affected in at least one way as a result of political discussions in the workplace. Those discussions may be particularly intense here in Florida which is the largest battleground state.

Doctor Ballard adds that men and workers between the ages of 18 and 34 were more likely to feel isolated from their coworkers and have a more negative view of them. Doctor Ballard says it was encouraging to find that the majority of workers were generally respectful of each other despite differing political views.

Respect People Respect.

I do a few things that help me personally. This past summer I watched Braindead on TV and it just made me laugh. I still have it on my DVR for an emergency. That’s the next thing. The commercials drive me crazy. I DVR as much as I can so I just fast forward thru the commercials. It’s going to get worse before it get’s better. These commercials bug me anyway. Millions of dollars spent when people do not have food.

I like to watch political movies.

This is one my favorites.



Here is a good article on where the candidates on animal welfare issues. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Remember elections are for four years and good friends and family are forever. If you loose a friend over an election they were never your friend to begin with.

Let us know what you do to help your mental health during the time and what’s your favorite election movie! Leave a comment here at the post and if we like it we’ll add the trailer.


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