St. Lucie County Fair 2024: Attractions & Detals

It’s almost time for locals and visitors alike to experience the raw excitement and enchantment that is one of the Treasure Coast’s most eagerly awaited events – The St. Lucie County Fair 2024.

In the northern area of the Treasure Coast, the St. Lucie County Fair is more than just a little quirky fun on the weekend, it’s an entire celebration in itself of the vibrancy and close-knit community spirit of the region. It features a massive lineup of artists and adventures in festivities that stretch for more than a week.

st lucie county fair 2024

St. Lucie County Fair Promo (Source: St. Lucie County Fair Association)

From the moment you step onto the St. Lucie County Fairgrounds between February 23rd to March 3rd, 2024, you’ll be transported to a coastal world of vibrant colors, sounds, and aromas that will be the foundation of an unforgettable adventure.

The St. Lucie County Fair, located in Fort Pierce, has been running for nearly 60 years, is an event that continues to uphold a tradition of creating ten days of pure family fun and old-fashioned joy.

With something for everyone, from thrill seekers to food lovers and everything in between, mark your calendar and get ready; here’s what to expect from the 2024 St. Lucie County Fair.

Key Details of the 2024 Fair

With the 2024 fair just around the corner, it’s time to start planning a visit and making sure you have all of the pertinent details that will help you maximize your visit.

You can purchase discounted fair tickets through February 22, including a “mega pass discount” before the 16th.

This year’s fair is set to be open from February 23rd to March 3rd and promises a delightful blend of traditional coastal charm and modern entertainment.

  • Location & Accessibility: The fair will be located on the St. Lucie County Fairgrounds in Fort Pierce, which are easily accessible by road since they are one of the focal points of the Treasure Coast region.
  • Rich Traditions: With a tradition of yearly fun going back nearly 60 years, this event has grown year after year to become one of the community’s favorite festivals and the largest annual event on the Treasure Coast.
  • Something For Everyone: From locals to travelers, anyone looking for a display of the massive support that Port St. Lucie has for its residents and visitors can find something at the fair. There are culinary wonders and embodiments of the excitement of the Treasure Coast.
  • Ten Days Of Fun: While many county fairs are only a few days long, the St. Lucie County Fair 2024 has been specifically curated to be a range of activities, shows, and attractions that cater to all ages so the entire family and community will be able to find something to celebrate.

Highlights and Attractions

For those who have never been to the St. Lucie County Fair, or who will be going again and simply want to know what acts and attractions are likely to.

st lucie county fair rides at night


The Carnival at the Port St. Lucie Fair is a world-class operation and utilizes an array of rides that span the range from simple kids’ attractions to much more spectacular thrill ride

The Carnival is crafted to be a wonderland for the older guests as well and features a massive 33-foot Holland Wheel, a dazzling structure with unique and spectacular LED lighting.

The gorgeous Venetian Double Deck Carousel is a one-of-a-kind merry-go-round carousel that is also a major attraction, with visitors able to experience carousel fun that can’t be found anywhere else in the country.

PRCA Rodeo

One of the fair’s crown jewels is the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) Rodeo, where guests can witness the raw thrill of rodeo sports as cowboys and cowgirls put their skills on display.

Some of the events in the rodeo will include classics like bull riding, barrel racing, and more.

The rodeo kicks off on the opening night of the fair and provides a rare glimpse into the wild and exciting world of professional rodeo in the giant 5000-seat, covered venue.

Demolition Derby

If you’re ready for some pulse-pounding action, the Demolition Derby will be held on March 2nd and is considered one of the must-see events of the fair as a whole.

There will be high-energy battles, strategy and endurance, and of course, aiming to be the very last one standing.

At this event, you can expect to see the usual raw power, combined with a festive atmosphere, making for the perfect occasion for some rowdy family fun.

Be sure to keep up with the social media accounts for the fair to get regular updates and stay up to date with what you can expect.

riding at st lucie county fair

Carnival Experience

Celebrating its 100th year, Strates Shows brings a world-class carnival midway to the fair.

Strates Shows is renowned for ensuring an affordable and above all, safe, way for the whole family to have fun, or find something that they enjoy.

The gentle Kiddieland rides craft the perfect experience for littles, while the spectacular attractions for thrill seekers give the ideal range of experiences.

One of the signature attractions of the carnival is the giant Ferris wheel equipped with a massive LED display that stands out as the most prominent feature of the midway and offers breathtaking panoramic vistas of the entire fairgrounds.

While many traveling carnivals have a reputation for being less-than-attentive to safety measures, all of the Strates Shows equipment undergoes daily inspections by the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (FDACS) before opening to the public, and Strates Shows is also a member of the Outdoor Amusement Business Association’s Circle of Excellence.

All rides have a height sign that provides detailed height and safety requirements for each ride, ensuring guests can choose the rides that best fit them.

Rodeo and VIP Experience

The rodeo is another one of the primary draws at the 2024 St. Lucie County Fair is the exhilarating rodeo action and optional, exclusive VIP experiences.

St. Lucie County Fair 2024 Rodeo

The PRCA Rodeo is fittingly named “Wide Open”, which starts off on the opening night of the fair and runs for two days, showing off the talents of professional rodeo athletes, cowboys, and cowgirls.

The rodeo is held in Adam’s Arena, which is a 5000-seat venue sheltered from the sun and rain, spectators can easily enjoy the riveting contests of skill and bravery in traditional rodeo events like bull-riding and barrel racing.

The best part is the basic rodeo experience is free, and included with your general admission cost, though an upgraded, VIP experience is also available for an additional $100.

The VIP experience includes a private VIP area with first-class amenities, including three free drinks, a free catered buffet dinner, private bathroom access, and premium seating next to the bucking chutes.

Demolition Derby Excitement

The Demolition Derby is one of the other major attractions in the St. Lucie County Fair this year, as it’s long been a highlight of the event.

Drivers will operate specially prepared vehicles to compete in this raw, last-man-standing battle, turning the entire arena into a rowdy spectacle packed with thrills, skills, and pure determination.

st lucie county fair demolition derby

The Derby is the night of March 2nd at 6 pm, so make sure you get there early if this is something you or your family want to see because the seats are going to fill up fast.

In addition to the main demolition derby event, there is also a smaller version, the Little Derby, that lets kids get a taste of the derby action in a safe and curated way.

Classic fare is available in the bleachers, including cold beer and hot corn dogs, helping make the perfect atmosphere for a night at the derby.

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up our preview of the 2024 St. Lucie County Fair, it’s clear that this is one of the most beloved local annual traditions, and is as vibrant and colorful as the seaside county where it’s held.

This ten-day festival is a perfect way to experience the Treasure Coast, while also getting a taste of carnival nostalgia at the same time, all in a family-friendly environment.

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