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St. Lucie County Fairgrounds

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About St. Lucie County Fairgrounds

Located in Fort Pierce, Florida, the St. Lucie County Fairgrounds is a versatile venue that hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. The fairgrounds are located in the perfect position in South Florida (with easy access to the I-95 and the Florida Turnpike). With a wide range of facilities, they can accommodate almost any event fathomable. Events held throughout the year include large outdoor festivals, equestrian events, trade shows, concerts, farm/livestock shows, but also smaller events like weddings and corporate events.

On the St Lucie County Fairgrounds schedule you’ll find the yearly St Lucie County Fair which happens to be the largest event on the Treasure Coast. As the highlighted event of the fairgrounds, the County Fair works hard to educate the public on topics like agriculture and horticulture, creative arts and crafts, sciences, and civics. It’s not only about education but also entertainment with concerts and games. Run by the St. Lucie County Fair Association, they’ve worked hard to develop the fairground into a year-round facility always providing new events.

When it comes to St. Lucie County Fairgrounds events, there are plenty. Gate admission offers quite a few free entertainment options. If you check their events calendar you’ll find dog shows and dog agility competitions, Cattle and Pig shows, and much more. At other times there may be a rodeo, demolition derby, the circus, and interactive animal shows with petting zoos. The Fair often hosts golf games and laser tag games for the family. The fairground’s diverse offerings provide fun for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions about St. Lucie County Fairgrounds

Due to the nature of the fairgrounds, with many visitors and other animals, they do not allow pets on the grounds. Other than certified service animals, other pets must stay home.

Under the operations of Deggeller Attractions, the first fair was held on February 25, 1966. This was held in a different location from today. Today’s fairgrounds were constructed in 2003.

Check the weather! Especially for the county fair in February and March, the weather can change quickly. It’s best to know ahead of time whether you’ll need sunscreen, a poncho, or both. Wear comfortable shoes. The fairgrounds spread out over 250 acres for plenty of walking.

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