Skimmer found on pump in PSL

Skimmer found on pump in PSL

A skimmer was found at a Mobil gas station this past Friday. The station located at 1090 SE Port St Lucie Blvd 34952.

The Port St Lucie Police responded to the call. They spoke to Troy Quigley with Adams Tank and Lift. He was the one who discovered the skimmer.

Troy said that there was an issue with pump and while he was checking all the pumps her found the skimmer.  The pump was last checked was three months ago.

The skimmer was a flat thin strand of wires bundled and wrapped together. There was a gray coat with one red line down the side. One end was a flat gray piece and other end was a blue piece. Troy removed the skimmer from the card reader with gloves and placed it in the evidence bag.

PSLPD are warning citizens to be extra observant and to look for evidence of tampering at gas pumps. Typically there should be a tamper tape over the panel where attendants access the internal of the pump. Do not use the pump and immediately notify the gas station attendant if you observe the tape to be tampered with or nonexistent.

No one was on scene to review the video and no suspect information was provided.

Officials say that to protect yourself at the pump, make sure to pay in cash or use a credit card instead of a debit card, and if you do use a debit card, make sure to run it as a credit card.

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