PSL Mother Accused of Having Sex with Daughter's Teenage Ex-Boyfriend

Treasure Coast Local Business

Treasure Coast Local Business

Heather Phillips, 40, a Port St. Lucie woman, is charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior/sexual activity with a child under 16. Phillips has been arrested after allegedly having sex with a minor, police said Tuesday.

The 15-year-old victim told police that he had been in a relationship with Phillips’ 12-year-old daughter. He stated he would have private conversations with Phillips in her bedroom after having arguments with her daughter.

Phillips would tell him that he should not break up with her daughter and that he was a “hot kid,”. She then allegedly told him that “she had feelings for him.” Phillips then started messaging the victim and eventually met him at a park where the first sexual encounter occurred.

Police were called after the 15-year-old victim reported to his parents that he had been in a sexual relationship with Phillips and that she told him she was pregnant.

The parents of the victim informed police they were going to press charges.

Phillips was arrested at La Petite Academy, where she worked


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