Minnesota Couple Received Best Christmas Gift Ever

Nicklaus Childrens Hospital

Nicklaus Childrens Hospital

A Minnesota couple is calling it the best Christmas gift they could possibly get.

Doctors in Miami performed a life-saving surgery on their 4-month-old baby Teegan, all thanks to amazing new Google technology.

Doctors at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital developed the procedure using virtual imaging for the first time to plan a complex pediatric open-heart repair.

Doctors used ‘Google Cardboard’ which turns a smartphone into a stereoscopic virtual reality viewer. That new view helped Dr. Redmond Burke see exactly how he needed to operate on the infant. “I was looking at the baby’s heart in a way that I had never been able to do before. With the box, you get a stereoscopic image. and you can move around in the environment to see every part of the heart,” Dr. Burke said.

The 7-hour-long surgery is considered a success.

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