How a mattress can have a tremendously positive impact on your overall wellbeing

A good mattress can have the most significant impact on people’s general health. Everyone knows that it is important to get a good night’s sleep, especially after you’ve been working all day. And since we spend most of our lives sleeping or in bed, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a good mattress can make a huge difference. An adequate type of mattress – that matches your body perfectly – ensures you get the most productive and restful sleep; but then these are not the sole benefits of a good mattress.


No more allergies

Old beds with old mattresses are the perfect breeding ground for pests that lead to allergies. Mold and dust mites usually grow in the layers and nooks of a mattress; the older it is, the higher the chances to foster harmful germs and bacteria. Mold usually occurs when the bed gets wet from extra sweating or sneezing. However, a new bed mattress can keep allergies at bay. That’s because the latest types on the market are made with memory foam (as well as other types of revolutionary materials) which is allergen-free.

Memory mattresses are manufactured from polyurethane foam, which is manufactured from inorganic fibers. These prevent dust mites that cause allergies from settling in, since there’s no ground for them to thrive and grow properly within a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are manufactured from raw materials rather than organic materials like cotton, which attract dust mites.

Improved immune system

According to recent studies, waking up all sleepy and grumpy can have a negative effect on your immune system; not to mention that it completely destroys your mood. When the body’s immune system is weak and tired, it makes the body prone to all kinds of illnesses, such as colds, allergies, and more. However, if you choose to invest in a good-quality mattress, all these mood swings will fade away. Your body will feel all refreshed and rejuvenated the next day, not to mention that you’ll forget all about back and neck pains.

Improved memory

Why it is so important to sleep well at night? Well, because during sleep the brain goes through a unique process of memory solidification. We rest our minds and bodies at night, so even if you’ve had to deal with difficult matters the previous day, a good night’s sleep will make things a lot better. Your head and body will rest comfortably on a mattress that adapts to the weight of your body. Make sure to invest in a good quality pillow too; it should sustain your neck properly, and thus you’ll wake up the next day feeling all refreshed and rejuvenated.

Back pain relief

If you suffer from severe back pain, you should change your current mattress and go with a medium-firm type. It is important to choose a bed mattress that can adapt to your body’s natural curves, but without interfering with the positioning of your spine. Back pains are extremely common these days, especially since most people have desk jobs. If you’re used to sleeping on a 5-year old and you feel that waking up in the morning is a true nightmare, then you should definitely change your mattress and invest in a more qualitative type.

How a mattress can have a tremendously positive impact on your overall wellbeing

How a mattress can have a tremendously positive impact on your overall wellbeing

Stress reliever

Believe it or not, a new mattress can help you forget all about stress and anxiety. Apart from providing you better comfort, it will also keep your body in proper shape at night. You will no longer wake up feeling crippled, which means you won’t have any reasons to feel stressed.

There’s just so much a simple mattress can do to your wellbeing. It keeps your body feeling fresh the next day; it reduces stress, anxiety and allergies, and it helps you rest your mind as well. However, when hunting the market for a new mattress, make sure to think about the kids as well. Organic baby mattresses are the best. Since babies and toddlers spend about 12 to 14 hours in their cribs, it is important to make sure they’re comfortable. Their mattress is their playground, so it has to be soft, breathable, and allergen free. Before making any choices, get informed and ear how to spot chemicals often used during the manufacturing process of a baby mattress.

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