Man Tried to Rob Woman at Gunpoint at Walgreens

Treasure Coast Local Business

Treasure Coast Local Business

Investigators now say a woman initially thought to be a setup driver for a robber outside Walgreens is actually an attempted-robbery victim.

Port St. Lucie Police released new video of Sunday’s incident at the Walgreens on SW Port St. Lucie and Tulip Boulevards.

The woman shown driving a van on the video says a man actually tried to rob her at gunpoint. She refused and drove back to the Walgreens where she began honking her horn and yelling for help.

A man in the parking lot stopped to see if she needed help when the robber jumped out of the van, pointed a gun at the man in the parking lot and took off.

Police say the video corroborated her account.

Call Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 800-273-TIPS if you have any information.




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  • Posted 8 years ago

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