Man threatens to blow up Martin County Sheriff’s Office

Man threatens to blow up Martin County Sheriff’s Office

Martin County, Fla- Yesterday, the switchboard operator at Martin Memorial Health Systems received a call from an unidentified man. He said he was going to blow up the **expletive** Martin County Sheriff’s Office within 72-hours. He then hung up. The hospital immediately notified the sheriff’s office. Martin County Sheriff’s Detectives were then able to gain access to the cell number that placed that call and track the longitude and latitude of the where the cell phone signal was coming from.

Late last night, and with the assistance of the Indian River Shores Public Safety Department and Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, 55-year old Richard Orr was located and arrested. Orr, who says he is homeless, was inside a tent in a wooded area along Highway A1A in Indian River Shores, located Indian River County. In his tent was a cell phone.

Richard Orr was charged with Trespassing and Calling in a false Bomb Threat. He was then taken to the Indian River County Jail on a $51,000 bond. Orr appeared agitated and said he wanted to speak to his lawyer.

January 10,2018

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