Man points gun at lawn guys. Upset with halfway house next door.

Man points gun at lawn guys. Upset with halfway house next door.

man points gun a lawn guys

man points gun a lawn guys

On Thursday, David Stass had a clean vehicle. When landscapers began to cut his neighbor’s lawn, David Frank Stass was not happy when grass clippings from the lawn mowers began sticking to his car.

After some words were exchanged, (apparently inflammatory words) Mr. Stass took out his .45 Ruger pistol and began to point it at two of the workers.

Within 1 minute after receiving a 911 call, Stuart officers arrived on scene. Mr. Stass was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was transported to the Martin County Jail and held with a $5,000.00 bond.

This is what he wrote on the Stuart Police Facebook page

“It’s unfortunate after living in your home for over 18 years , paying a mortgage, property tax’s, insurance etc. you wake up one day & your new next door neighbors are now a HALFWAY house with people who DON”T give a damn about you & have NO consideration for you, your family or anybody else around them. It’s been a living hell living next to these type of people & the sad part is you feel powerless because the city & county cannot do anything about it . Drive around Stuart & when you see a dark blue house with white trim stop & talk to the neighbor of that half way house & then maybe you will know what its like. In the past few months there has been 2 more of these houses opened within a mile of each other for a total of 4 to date . These are the one’s I know of ! Don’t be fooled these houses are NOT about sobriety…..they are about money for the owner of these houses !!! Beware the house next to you with a for sale sign on it can wind up being the next halfway house & if that happens all I can say is good luck, the life you had living in your home is over ! Now your life becomes a living hell & don’t count on the city , county or police to do anything about it , they are as powerless as you will be!”

Even though I disagree with pointing a gun at the lawn guys I understand the frustration. Martin and St Lucie county are filled with these places. Some are legit and some are not.  I disagree with everyone who says there is nothing that can be done because  these places are covered under the American Disabilities Act. If people are breaking the law these places are not Switzerland. I lived in Palm Beach County for a long time. It’s the land of the scam. We can’t let this happen here. Our own Representative Gayle Harrell wrote some kind of legislation last year and she had the gall to call out of state people to see if it met with their approval. Another rep down in Lake Worth, Jeff Clemons, wrote something actually good but it was turned down.

A few issues. Many of these places send plane tickets to the patient and bring them down here and there is no return ticket home. That means when they get thrown out they are out on our streets and have not gone through treatment. This is a huge business and if you look at who is buying these properties many times the same company. Here in Jensen Beach many motels have been sold and now they are sober homes and drug treatment centers -not for our local people who have nothing but for people up north. So in effect people with bad drug issues are being imported to us. They advertise lots of sunshine, meals, pools, laundry. Last year one  of them turned out to be a pedophile. The drug treatment in question sits next to a park where the Sunday before I had my grandson.

David Stass could use some new coping skills but he could also use some support.

David here are some  blog posts I have written. Your right about one thing. No one is listening. They need to start and they need to talk to the Police in Palm Beach County before it too late.

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