Litter is Practically Non-Existent in Port St. Lucie

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Litter is practically non-existent in Port St. Lucie, index shows

The 2015 litter index (amount of litter) for the City of Port St. Lucie shows that there is minimal or no litter in this city. The Keep America Beautiful Community Appearance Litter Index is a tool used to visually assess the overall appearance of communities through indicators such as litter, illegal signs, graffiti, abandoned/junk vehicles and outside storage. Each year, affiliates grade their communities during a drive-by examination, gauging the success of anti-littering education and programs.


The amount of litter in a community is rated on a scale from 1 to 4; 4 is extremely littered and 1 is minimal or no litter. Port St. Lucie received a 1.26 rating, indicating minimal or low litter. This rating has decreased significantly since 2012 when Port St. Lucie was rated as a slightly littered community.


Eliminating litter in this city is a priority and several groups are responsible for the city’s low litter index:


  • Keep Port St. Lucie Beautiful continues to engage individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their community environments. Through education and litter prevention programs like Adopt-a-Street, residents see the many benefits in helping to maintain a clean and litter-free environment.


  • The two-person litter crew is dedicated solely to picking up litter and addresses many of the litter conditions reported through the litter hotline.


  • Port St. Lucie Code Compliance Division is also an instrumental partner in combating litter by enforcing city code in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community, as well as working with citizens to achieve compliance through an efficient and fair process.





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