Police Arrest Caretaker of 1 Year-Old With Broken Leg

Fort Pierce Police

A one-year-old girl is being treated for a broken leg at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Fort Pierce Police arrested and charged her caretaker, 29-year-old Lakecia Warren, with child neglect.

Police say Warren told them she left the little girl outside with another child to play while she used the bathroom Wednesday evening.  She told police she heard a commotion and a voice outside ask, “Why did you drop the baby?”  Warren told police she ran outside and saw an unidentified juvenile holding the baby by the neck and leg.

Later on, the baby woke up in the middle of the night, screaming and crying and was taken to Lawnwood Medical Center and then to St. Mary’s for surgery on a fractured femur.

Police were unable to locate the juveniles that Warren had talked about and arrested her on a charge of child neglect.


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