Illegal Dog Fighting Ring Broken Up

Treasure Coast Local Business

Treasure Coast Local Business

A guardian angel makes the emergency call to break up an illegal dog fighting ring before any of the animals are killed.

Still, a line of 7 dog kennels are filled with animals taught to kill and others to become victimized.

The dogs are from near 27th Street in Northwestern Fort Pierce.  Fort Pierce Police arrested Donald Allen for illegal dog fighting after an anonymous caller reported the crime underway.

David Lynch from the St Lucie County Humane Society says it’s often the animal who suffers even when these dogfighting rings get broken up, and not the owner.

Illegal dog fighting rings are still a reality in many foreign countries  and urban back alleyways. Most of the fighting dogs will stay in quarantine as criminal charges go forward, and often, those taught to attack and kill can’t unlearn  that lesson.

This bust comes two years after 50 dogs were confiscated in a massive ring where many had to be euthanized.

Animal rights advocates say if you see an animal abuse happening or suspect illegal dog fighting—call 911, or report it to the humane society at 1-877- TIP-HSUS.

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