HSTC PET OF THE WEEK 9/7/2018 : Desiree

HSTC PET OF THE WEEK 9/7/2018 : Desiree

I know what you’re thinking when you first see me, with my bad ear cut.  I totally need a new stylist, right? A few weeks ago a professional photographer came here and I sat and posed so nicely while he took glamour shots of me.  Of ME, isn’t that crazy? I went from a dog dumped in the dark of night to a shelter celebrity just like that.  I wasn’t treated all that well before I came here to the shelter, but I want to let you know that hasn’t changed my sweet spirit.  Despite my rough past, I still love people. I’ll watch you eat that juicy steak you just grilled, I’ll watch the squirrels climbing up the tree outside the window, and I’ll always watch your back.  So look past the exterior and look into my heart, I keep lots of love there and I want to share it with you.    I’m 7 years young so my adoption fee has been sponsored! You can visit me and all of my adoptable HSTC friends online at hstc1.org.

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