The Honest Broken: Research Before Starting a Remodeling Project

The Honest Broken: Research Before Starting a Remodeling Project

BY: Diane Lott, Broker    Paradise Found Realty

Are home remodeling jobs as quick and easy as shown on tv?  I can guarantee you that they are not.  Many couples, through the years, have quipped that the closest that they ever got to divorce was during a remodeling or building of their home.

My team and I have professionally purchased, remodeled, and sold many properties for decades.  The DIY shows and others like it make it look so simple and monetarily rewarding.

However, depending on the extent of the remodel, your own skills to perform some of the work yourself and your ability to navigate unforeseen problems with obtaining supplies, getting qualified contractors, and having adequate finances available, remodeling can test patience and sanity.

Research the following before starting:

*Research how old the plumbing, electrical, roof, and other structures are before looking at cosmetics and determine if the foundations of the home need to be addressed first. Fixing the structural issues of a home is of utmost importance. The adage of “putting lipstick on a pig” comes to mind. It won’t make sense to make the outside look better if the inside is deteriorated and causes regret by not addressing foundational issues first.

*Research the actual project and see how it is done. This can easily be done by watching a few You tube videos to see the project, supplies needed, stages and steps that need to be undertaken to get the job done.  In doing this, as the project progresses, you have enough knowledge to recognize if something isn’t being done properly and can rectify it before it’s ended.

*Don’t pay upfront.  Pay in stages of completion. If this is a deal breaker for your contractor, then that is the wrong contractor.

*Demand permits be obtained and posted PRIOR to the job being started.  This is money well spent.

*Stay involved in the process.  Check the work performed as it’s being done and question your contractor if it doesn’t appear right.  Many contractors use sub-contractors to do the actual work and are not always on site.  Perhaps ask for an agreement for the contractor to do frequent site visits with you.

*Calculate a budget and ADD 15%-20% additional in costs as a failsafe for unexpected problems.

The best advice is to equip yourself with knowledge and know what to expect before beginning.

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