Where are the garbage cans at the beach and parks in Martin County

Today I went to Phipp’s Park for this great event. I brought my foster dog Kody who had to poop. I pulled out my handy poop bag that I keep stashed in my camera bag and scooped it up.

Then I looked around and there were no garbage cans. At a campground. By the St Lucie River.

During all the craziness  Martin County passed this law. Because we have nothing else to do. We’ve been through the brutal murder of a wonderful nurse and mother, then the Orlando shooter came from Ft Pierce but went to school here, then we had green toxic algae. We still have to deal with the train, the ugliness of Langford Landings , sober homes everywhere and just a bunch of crazymaking  every day. I don’t understand.

So  I checked with Siri and  she told me this.

Park Service removes garbage cans at Ocean Beach, calls it “experiment”

and I found this:


They solved poop problem by doing this

“Kris Baker: But Layton has solved that problem because THEIR PARKS ARE ALL MARKED “NO DOGS ALLOWED”. No dog park, either. But we’re going to get a nasty WinCo store…so all is apparently well.”

This just makes me want to cry. I live and die by the leave nothing but footprints take nothing but photos. My documentary, “The Garbage of Jupiter Beach.”  was specifically about picking up the garbage in order to keep the dogs on the beach.  I cry when I see litter. There is a lot of litter around here. I can see the writing on the wall. Doug Smith will say something like “If don’t want to pick your poop then don’t take your dog to the park.” Or something obnoxious like that. We will end being the villains.  Before you know it no dogs will allowed in any of the parks. This is how that gets accomplished.

I wish I had a copy of the best story I ever wrote about this issue in Boulder of the environmentalists vs the dog people. The environmentalists did not want dogs in the open spaces because of the animals up there so they made the dogs get a special tag. They had to prove they would come on a recall. If I remember correctly they closed a bunch of open spaces to dogs but left open the one on the corner of Lee Hill and Broadway where there was a dog park. There was also lots critter’s there that had fleas that had bubonic plague. I kid you not.

I digress.

dog poop.

Are you kidding me?

We have a law about picking up the poop but no way to dispose it.  This makes no sense at all. People around here are awesome about picking up the poop. At least give us poop receptacles and recycling bins.

It seems to me our commissioners do not care about our county at all! Did you guy even consider someone who is disabled with a service dog. Perhaps they are in a wheel chair and can’t take their dog poop home? Or there are children (and adults would get from the smell.) No.

What is the endgame around here because all I see is the destruction of our wonderful county. Why would we not have poop receptacles in our parks near the water? Next they will tell us its the dog poop that’s causing the algae bloom.

Martin County receives air quality results

Martin County receives air quality results


Isn’t having toxic algae enough? Do we have to add to the issues we already have?

What do you think?

Do you want the garbage cans back? Are you willing to take your dog poop home in your car?





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