Full Guide to Kayaking in Fort Pierce, Florida

This guide to kayaking in Fort Pierce can provide great information for exploring the best places to kayak in and around the city. Kayaking in Fort Pierce is a favorite water activity for many locals and visitors.

One of the best things about kayaking is that it can be done in almost any body of water. A lake, river, pond, and even the ocean can accommodate kayakers. Fort Pierce has beautiful lakes, ponds, rivers, and easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. Below is a complete guide to kayaking in Fort Pierce, Florida.

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Kayak Rentals & Tours in Fort Pierce, Florida

Renting a kayak is relatively easy. You need to show up, be willing to sign a waiver, and feel ready to take on the water. Below are some of the best kayak rentals in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Sunrise City Adventures

Sunrise City Adventures is a fantastic place to rent a kayak in Fort Pierce. Kayakers can take a two-hour or four-hour adventure through the Fort Pierce Inlet waterways. The two-hour rental is one of the most popular options and costs $25. Paddling equipment and life vests are also provided. The company also offers self-launching for kayakers who have their own vessel. The price for self-launch is $5.

Motorized Kayak Adventures

Motorized Kayak Adventures provides Indian River Lagoon jungle tours on a motorized kayak. A motorized kayak has a lightweight motor designed to help the kayak move briskly, at two to four miles per hour. Motorized kayaks are better for people with physical limitations. The motorized kayak has convenient steering right at your fingertips, so kayakers don’t have to reach behind their back. Motorized Kayak Adventures tours are perfect for people who want to immerse themselves in nature and relax. The motor is quiet, so kayakers can still hear the sounds of ospreys, herons, kingfishers, and other wildlife.

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Get Up and Go Kayaking

Get Up and Go Kayaking is highly rated for its knowledgeable, friendly staff, who serve as excellent guides. They do a great job guiding kayakers at a pace that enables them to enjoy an area’s beauty. The staff is very knowledgeable about the mangroves and can offer interesting facts about the area’s vegetation and wildlife.

The company is ideal for anyone seeking out things to do in Fort Pierce with a informative and educational kayaking experience. Get Up and Go Kayaking offers a highly popular “clear kayak” tour. It’s great for people looking for marine life and wanting to see marine creatures through the crystal-clear kayaks. The tour starts at $60.

Lisa’s Kayaks

Lisa’s Kayaks used to be run by Lisa but was passed on to her stepson, Russell Junior. Lisa’s Kayaks is highly recommended for families kayaking with children. The company is diligent in ensuring everyone stays safe during the kayak adventure. The hourly rental for a single Kayak at Lisa’s is $10, or you can rent for the day for $40. A double or tandem kayak is $20 hourly or $80 for the entire day. The company also has a well-positioned launch point near the river in downtown Fort Pierce.

Best Locations to Go Kayaking in Fort Pierce, Florida

Although it’s possible to put a kayak into any place with water, it’s easier to visit places with kayak launch pads. Below are some of the best locations to launch your kayak in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

The Fort Pierce Inlet State Park is a go-to place for kayaking and other water activities. It’s the most popular state park in Fort Pierce and attracts people from all over the Treasure Coast.

The park has an amazing ecosystem of dolphins, manatees, and sea turtles and is a decent choice for those interested in surfing in Fort Pierce while they’re out. There is a six-dollar vehicle entry free entry to get into the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park, and the fee does not include kayak rentals. Visitors who are on foot pay $2 per person.

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park Lake Kayak

Little Jim Bridge Park

Little Jim Bridge Park is a great kayaking location reminiscent of old Florida. The beach at the park is perfect for kayaking and paddle boarding, and it’s common to spot a kayak heading into the mangroves. Although the park is excellent for kayaking, Fort Pierce locals also use it to hang out and listen to live music on the weekend. The park is located at 601 N Causeway, Fort Pierce, Florida.

North Causeway Island Park

North Causeway Island Park is another excellent kayaking launch area in Fort Pierce, Florida. The park is well known by local boaters and fishers and offers direct river and ocean access. North Causeway Island Park is ideal for kayaking because the water is calm and clear. It’s great for kayakers who want to avoid strong rip currents and want easy paddling.

South Causeway Beach

South Causeway Beach in Fort Pierce is a relaxing and beautiful beach. Although many people visit the beach to relax in the sun, it’s also a fantastic place to go kayaking. The waves are calm, and the tranquil water makes it ideal for kayaking. South Causeway Beach is located at 414 Seaway Dr, Fort Pierce, Florida.

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Jaycee Park

Jaycee Park has a ramp that provides easy access to the Indian River Lagoon. It’s a double-wide concrete ramp with two large lanes, perfect for kayaks and canoes. The calm waterway is popular for recreational boating, fishing, and kayaking.

George Lestrange Preserve

The George Lestrange Preserve is a naturally gorgeous area perfect for kayaking in Fort Pierce. The preserve has a 37-acre lake. A canoe launch provides access to the lake. The lake has clear water, making it easy to see down to the bottom and spot turtles and fish. The preserve is located at 4911 Ralls Rd, Fort Pierce, Florida.

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White City Park

White City Park is a 17-acre retreat at the north fork of the St. Lucie River. The park is filled with old oak trees and exotic palm trees. Although most people will go to the park to bask in nature, it’s also an excellent place for kayaking, with an easily accessible launchpad. The park has ponds, rivers, tributaries, and other spaces to kayak and enjoy nature. Visitors should be forewarned that the park’s largest pond has alligators in the water.

You can also drop your kayak at most of the beaches in Fort Pierce to get into the ocean. This is most popular for kayak fishing and athletes who want to do long-distance kayaking without having to stay in more confined waterways.

Where to Buy Kayaks in Fort Pierce, Florida

Should you rent or own a kayak? The answer depends on how often you plan to be in the water. People who want to make kayaking part of their lifestyle should consider buying a kayak.

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A kayak can be a great investment, but not all kayaks are equal. Someone who plans to kayak frequently should invest in a solid, well-built kayak that will last for years. The average cost for a new kayak is about $700. However, purchasing a new kayak for much more or less is possible. Kayaks range in price from $200 to $1300.

West Marine is the best place to buy kayaks in Fort Pierce, Florida. It’s a chain store that sells boat parts, kayaks, paddle boards, and fishing gear. Visitors can buy a kayak at the store or order one online.

Staying Safe While Kayaking in Fort Pierce, Florida

One of the most essential parts of kayaking is knowing what gear you need to be safe in the water and have a smooth adventure. Every kayaker needs a life vest or personal flotation device. Even kayakers who are excellent swimmers should wear a vest or bring a flotation device. Each person should have their own personal vest or flotation device.

Kayakers should also have a dry bag for personal items. You never know when a wave might hit the boat. A dry bag will protect belongings that could be compromised when wet. Cell phones should be kept in dry bags.

A headlamp with light and extra batteries is also smart, especially for kayaking after dusk. Depending on the location, kayakers may also want to carry a compass. A compass is especially helpful for kayaking in unfamiliar or potentially dangerous places. Additional kayaking safety gear includes a whistle and a radio. Finally, polarized glasses can be beneficial for spotting sea creatures you might otherwise miss.

The weather plays an important role in kayaking. Kayakers should consider wind and temperature before launch. High winds can make kayaking challenging. In March 2024, thirty-three kayakers, including children, had to be rescued after high winds tipped them into the water. Thankfully, everyone was wearing a life vest and survived.

It’s also best to avoid launching in temperatures below sixty degrees. With the right gear, kayaking can be an enjoyable, relaxing sport. Although the Treasure Coast is filled with numerous places to kayak, Fort Pierce is a top city for a kayak adventure.




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