Complete Fort Pierce Surfing Guide

Fort Pierce could soon be Florida’s new surf capital, and surfers need a complete Fort Pierce surfing guide to help them navigate the Atlantic waves. Although surfing originated in Hawaii, the city of Fort Pierce, Florida, is renowned for having some of the best beaches for surfing in the nation. The waves, weather, and beautiful location make Fort Pierce a sought-after place to surf, and each year, thousands of surfers enjoy the Fort Pierce waves. Below is a complete Fort Pierce surfing guide to experiencing the best surfing the Treasure Coast offers.

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The Best Beaches for Surfing in Fort Pierce, Florida

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park Sunset

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park is a surfer’s paradise. The beach has one of the most beautiful inlets on the Treasure Coast and is popular among locals and visitors. Fort Pierce Inlet has soft sand and pristine dunes, but the best part is the ocean waves, which make it ideal for surfing.

The Inlet has more of the larger, smoother waves that surfers need. It’s such a great beach for surfing that it has hosted numerous surfing competitions and surfing events over the years. Fort Pierce Inlet is public, but there is a small cost of $6 per vehicle, so visiting this beach with a friend or two is better. Fort Pierce Inlet Start Park is one of the easiest places to surf and is ideal for beginners.

Avalon Beach

The beach in Avalon State Park is a surfer’s paradise on North Hutchinson Island, Florida. The beach is renowned for having an amazing dune ecosystem and is beautiful for surfing. Surfers can find large, clean waves and a nice wind or breeze that makes it easier to find the right waves.

The beach is peaceful and uncrowded. Additionally, there is no admission to access the beach, although there is a $2 parking fee, which is free for locals with an annual State Park pass. Avalon Beach is highly rated among surfers for having a large amount of waves. Avalon Beach is worth the drive when the waves are clean, smooth, and plentiful. Surfers of all ages can enjoy Avalon Beach.

Fort Pierce North Jetty

Fort Pierce North Jetty is another fantastic spot for surfing the waves. The waves at this beach come from local wind swells and distant ground swells. Fort Pierce North Jetty is popular and can get crowded, so visiting during off-peak hours is better. Fort Pierce North Jetty receives great ratings from surfers for having good surf for all stages of the tide. Even in the summer, surfers can find some waves at North Jetty. Surfers of all levels can enjoy the Jetty. It’s a great beach to grab a surfboard and ride the waves.

Blind Creek Beach

blind creek beach fort pierce

Blind Creek Beach also tops the list as a great place to surf in Fort Pierce, Florida. The beach is clean and comfortable with golden sand, and marble blue waters. The beach is located on the eastern edge of Hutchinson Island in a private location, which makes it appealing to surfers who want space to ride waves.

Blind Creek Beach is a clothing-optional beach popular among swimmers, sunbathers, and surfers who prefer to be naked. There are signs that notify visitors that the beach is clothing-optional so that people are not shocked by what they might see. Because the beach is clothing-optional, the beachgoers are generally friendly.

The beach also has a picnic shelter for surfers who plan to stay in the water for an extended period and would like to pack a lunch for the beach. Additionally, delicious food trucks often visit the beach making it easy to grab a bite to eat after a long day of surfing. Surfers looking for an isolated and beautiful beach will enjoy Blind Creek Beach.

Learning to Surf in Fort Pierce, Florida

Surfing looks easy, but it takes time to become a great surfer. Learning to catch and ride and wave is harder than it seems, yet surfing is such a fun and exciting sport that it’s worth the effort to learn. Surfers with little experience can easily find help and learn how to surf in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Fort Pierce has various options for people interested in surfing lessons to learn how to ride their first wave successfully. Surf school can also help a beginner surfer find the necessary equipment and board.

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One popular surf school in Fort Pierce, Florida is the EZride Surf School. The school provides professional lessons to both locals and vacationers. EZride educates its students on all the basics of surfing but also provides a deeper understanding of the ocean. EZride offers lessons for singles, couples, families, groups, and children at least five years old.

Another great surf school in Fort Pierce, Florida, is Thrush Surf. Beginner surfers can take two-hour lessons with patient and personable surfing professionals. The school can work with both electric flying surfboards and traditional boards. Beginners and seasoned surfers can learn something new by taking a surfing lesson in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Where to Buy Surf Gear in Fort Pierce, Florida

Surfers need the right equipment to hit the waves. Fort Pierce, Florida, has several great surf shops where surfers can find boards and wetsuits. Fort Pierce Surf and Skate has a great selection of boards, from small penny boards to larger longboards. They also have an excellent swimwear collection.

Spunky’s Surf Shop is another great surf store in Fort Pierce. The shop has a broad range of boards suitable for experts or beginners. The shop also carries an interesting selection of vintage surfboards. The staff at Spunky’s is friendly and can offer surfers great tips about local breaks. Surfers who want to rent or buy a board should consider Spunky’s or Fort Pierce Surf and Skate.

Fort Pierce, Florida Beach Cams

The ocean can be a serene, peaceful place, but it can also be dangerous. It’s important that surfers can identify which spots are safe for surfing. Getting caught in a riptide is possible, and if a riptide pulls a weak or tired surfer into deep water, it could be dangerous. One way surfers can stay safe is by using Fort Pierce beach cams.

fort pierce surf cams

Still photo of the waves at Fort Pierce Inlet. (Source: Surfline)

Surfers can use several websites to access Fort Pierce beach cams. One of the most popular is the Surfline, an excellent resource for determining Fort Pierce surf conditions, including the tide, swell, wave energy, and wave consistency. Another resource is Live Beaches which captures hundreds of beach webcams nationwide, including cameras in Fort Pierce, Florida. Live Beaches features the Fort Pierce Jetty Inlet Webcam but has beach cams from nearby beaches, such as Vero Beach and Hutchinson Island.

The Fort Pierce Inlet Webcam is also worth checking out. The beach cam provides surf conditions throughout the day and lets you visually watch the waves to see if the tide is right. Additionally, sites that offer a surf cam, often have the added benefit of providing a surf forecast for the week. The best time to surf in Fort Pierce, Florida, is in the winter, in January. However, it’s possible to find some good waves year-round with the help of Fort Pierce beach cams.

Fort Pierce’s New Surf Park

Two years ago, the Fort Pierce City Commission unanimously approved the development of a resort village that would be home to the world’s largest surf park. The coming park is called Koa Bay. It’s a community anchored by a 6.5-acre surf pool. The park will be the perfect spot for surfers of all ages and abilities.

koa bay fort pierce

The park provides artificial waves in a controlled environment making it ideal for surfers with little to no experience. The park will pump out enough waves each hour for up to 100 surfers to enjoy. Fort Pierce is already a surfer’s paradise, but Koa Bay will elevate the city’s status as one of the best places for surfers in the nation.




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